Who wants to criminalize “conspiracy theories”?

“Never believe anything until it’s officially denied.” –  C. Cockburn. There have been very loud rants recently about criminalizing free speech on the Internet by the governments of France and the UK. Beginning 2015, prime minister Cameron made a loud speech relating people who question 9/11 to terrorists and political extremists. The French minister of the …

Educating People Against Scams

The only defense against scams apart from common sense and skepticism… is knowledge of how it works! What is valid about internet scams is also valid about false-flag terrorist operations.

9/11: Hiroshi Hasegawa, the Japanese journalist found dead one month after the attacks

Hiroshi Hasegawa (長谷川浩) Chief Commentator and political news analyst at NHK (the only public TV channel in Japan) revealed that Israeli nationals were warned a few hours before 9/11 by a text message sent in Hebrew through a telecommunication company based in Israel called Odigo. This was reported by the Israeli newspaper Haaretz. Using the “people-search” function, the …

Gone Girl, the movie

I think the movie Gone Girl by David Finsher (who also directed Fight Club and Panic Room) is a very interesting allegory of what happened to America on 9/11. It shows a certain majority (the naive American man played by Ben Affleck) while it is being manipulated by a minority (the American psycho wife as an …

9/11: Anatomy of a Great Deception

The Anatomy of a Great Deception is a quasi-political, spiritual docu-thriller following businessman-turned-filmmaker David Hooper as he deals with the emotions of his own investigation into the events of 9/11.

9/11: The demolition of the three towers

The third building (WTC 7) was not hit by planes. There was a fire inside for a many hours and then it fell down. Officially because of the fire. But scientists and control demolition experts do not agree. Absolutely all the INDEPENDENT scientist, engineer, demolition expert as well as many witnesses agree together that the WTC7 building was brought down by …

George W. Bush, the painter

At the age of 67, George W. Bush starts to paint. He starts on his iPad with an app. He sends drawings as messages to people. Later he moves to real oil painting. The first ones, the ones that were leaked beyond his consent, are the most revealing.