The Charlie Hebdo murders – January 2015

The Charlie Hebdo shootings in Paris were a false-flag operation, or a highly manipulated event. The event was intended as a sort of cheap French 9/11. This post is a list of the main suspicious points to consider. All together they constitute undeniable evidence of prior knowledge, manipulation, facilitation, and even execution of the alleged killers once they were done – along with the murder suicide of an important policeman who knew too much. 

If you are not familiar with the official story please look for it online. It will help you understand this post better. In short, the true perpetrators of this terror event are Zionist extremists related to Israel, America, and France. They share the same ideology/strategy with the ones behind 9/11 and the long chain of subsequent terror events. But let us start with the beginning and list the problems one by one… We shall leave the biggest smoking gun for the end: the murder-suicide of chief policeman Helric Fredou.

Helric Fredou

* Who benefits? How and by whom was this event used in the aftermath? Not only used but overused and exploited as much as one can do. Exactly by the same entities who benefited from 9/11. And since we know almost everything about 9/11 by now, the main suspects are :

(a) Neocon Jewish-Christian Zionists (Israeli intelligence and NATO related groups)
(b) Wahhabi Islamists (from Al-Qaeda to the Islamic State)

* The precedents? We know 9/11 was a pure false-flag event and we also know Intelligence services around the World have a past record of this kind of operations. The USA, and Israel in particular made it a speciality during the Cold War. This is not something that can be ignored. Adding to it the prophecies of Netanyahu, prime minister of Israël, which were in fact threats (France was in the process of recognizing the Palestinian state). Netanyahu was in the midst of an intense election campaign at the time, fighting his way for re-election. It motivated his controversial speech at the US congress (which happened in contravention of the Obama White House). A few weeks before the Charlie Hebdo murders Netanyahu literally predicted terrorists attacks… if France recognizes the Palestinian state.

Terror is a way of blackmailing governments. Sometimes just by not sharing intelligence on time with them. Intelligence agencies can even threaten their own country and attack their own population (see 9/11). Netanyahu is not afraid to say crazy stuff and keep a normal face. He recently said the Palestinian caused the Holocaust. This level of openly expressed violence is truly insane. At the time France was not a prime target for the Islamic State.

Prominent Americans were quick to suggest the Charlie Hebdo attack was an American operation to punish France of having recognized the Palestinian state. It is always easier to see through when it happens abroad. These awaken people reacted immediately after hearing about the “suicide” of the policeman Helric Fredou who was directly in charge regarding this affair. The man is supposed to have shot himself just a few hours after the shootings, on January 7. (There is much more about this murder-suicide below at the end of the post.)

* The ID card of one of the killers was found inside their first car which they abandoned in front of a Jewish food place while escaping… This is a classical sign of a false-flag, to facilitate the inquiry and accelerate the procedure. It is one way to help the local police. When they know who the suspects are (how would they know?) tossing an ID provides a valid legal proof to rely on. This is a pattern. This method is so classical that when it happens one can almost be sure something is not right… Of course it reminds everyone of the magic passport found undamaged in the rubbles on 9/11. It is a huge sign of foul play, not a small sign. The ID found in the car is – at least – a sign of premature knowledge about the suspects by elements inside the French police… or worse.


* The names of the killers was first published by JSS News, a far right Zionist website in French… They knew before the French police! They knew before anyone else and diffused the information with names, ID pictures and details. The prematurity of this sort of information is a sign typical of a false-flag operation. Even if the editors of this site knew people inside the police, they had no reason to seek this info themselves so early. It was obviously given to them. Either by the police or by people related to the intelligence community… or worse… Who gave JSS News this “first hand” information? and why? why to this ultra Zionist website? and why so early?

It is interesting to remind here that all the videos of gore executions supposedly released by the Islamic State – and all of the fake Bin Laden videos as well – were “found” by the same source and one same person… an organization called SITE supposed to specialize in Intelligence gathering and headed by Rita Katz – the daughter of a Mossad agent caught and executed in Iraq at the time of Saddam Hussein.

* This website (JSS News) even mentioned a third guy who knew the “terrorists” but was NOT involved at all in the operation. He immediately surrendered and was later released. He was a young relative of the 2 Kouachi brothers who allegedly shot the Charlie Hebdo people. The people who informed this website made the error. How can we explain the “error” of this added third guy? Was he supposed to be in it?

* Serious witnesses said the 2 bothers arrived with a third man who was driving the car… but when they left after the shooting it was just them. It was also reported they first entered the wrong building by mistake. Were they given a wrong address?

* An amateur video was released showing the brothers soon after the shooting, stop their car in the middle of a street, get out (face covered) and shoot a Muslim policeman called Ahmed Merabet in the head at a distance of a couple of feet, shouting Islamic stuff (“we have avenged the prophet Mohamad!”) The video shows the policeman on the ground with no weapons (?) seeming already shot in the belly (although it looks like he is wearing a bullet proof jacket). Although he shows his empty hands to the killers and says “It’s OK chief” (meaning he is already down and disarmed) he gets coldly finished with a shot in the head… The problem is that there is not a drop blood… the head is not rocked by the hit at all… and the blast (white smoke) can be seen hitting the sidewalk far from the head. So his head was clearly missed. The policeman played dead after the shot. He was later reported deceased from a gun shot in the head. Why did the French authorities give a false report? Did this man really die? How did he die? Also and even more importantly: why did the shooter miss? Why were these people acting?

* The day and the hour of the attack – Wednesday late morning – was the weekly meeting of the team of the Charlie Hebdo Magazine. How did the killers get this information? Knowing who the “terrorists” are and their background, it is hard to understand how they knew that. We also know they went into the wrong building at first. It means they new the perfect day and time (which is hard to find) but they had the wrong address (which is easy to find). Does that make sense? A normal investigation would focus on how they knew what the knew. Were they tipped by someone who knew the magazine team’s schedule? The official narrative insists they acted alone. This narrative was imposed from “above” despite reliable testimonies and serious evidence of the contrary. (If they had accomplices, it shouldn’t be a secret, unless it is for a very short term to protect the investigation.)

* The murders happened on January 7, 2015. In the American way of writing dates, it is: 1/7/2015. In France the emergency phone number to call the police is 17 (the equivalent of 911 in North America)… The perpetrators obviously wanted to accomplish a French 9/11.


We know 9/11 was called for by PNAC (the infamous neocon think tank linked to the Bush Administration) as a major catastrophic and catalyzing event similar to Pearl Harbour. In the same way 1/7 was a powerful symbolic event which effects were to unite the French population under their government… against “Islam”… and create sympathy for Israel. On the other side, this kind of operation advertises the Islamic State and encourages poor young people to radicalize and jump into the “Clash of Civilization” narrative.

Since the murder of Rabin in 1995 and the subsequent rise of Netanyahu, Israel is more and more isolated, shamed and boycotted by the International Community… by the “peace loving” people of World… It is like South Africa at the time, before it decided to drop its apartheid policies in 1993. Although Israel would not phrase it this way, it is at war with the International Community. It works hard to avoid peace. It is desperate to justify its colonial actions, its apartheid theory and practice… resulting in daily crimes against human rights. Islamic terror helps alleviate this blockade: it demonizes the Palestinians (the real victims) and attracts sympathy for Israel (the real oppressors) allowing it to continue to expand and develop illegally.

* The 3 “killers” had a serious terrorist record. They had been in prison before. They belonged to a known gang of radical Muslims in Paris. They were sending fighters in Iraq at the time… Later, one of them appeared on TV in a documentary. He even met president Sarkozy once. The 3 men were under surveillance by different secret services for a good while. French but also US, UK and Israeli intelligence services knew about them. Western powers have been using these kind of mercenaries to oust dictators… It was reported they were on US terror watchlist for years. Knowing the extent of American cyber-surveillance today, it is very suspicious they were not spotted on time… Further more, one day before the event – on January 6 – the French secret services received an alert from the Algerian secret services… Are we supposed to believe they did nothing? And excuse them for this? This is extremely disturbing.

It is – at least – like they wanted it happen. Julian Assange suggested the US and Israel blackmailed France just by NOT sharing information on time.

* According to interesting arguments based on a video of the event outside the Jewish Supermarket… Hayat Boumediene, girlfriend of Coulibaly, appears on film fleeing the scene on her own as if she was with him before and was allowed to go free… Early official reports said she was with him inside the store. Only later CNN declared she had actually left France a week ago… for Syria, via Spain and Turkey… How would they know that? If she indeed was with him inside: (1) Either it was a sort of deal they made once they got caught. Maybe she was allowed to live in exchange for their surrender?… (2) Either it was just a decision made with her inside after their arrest… (2) Either she was an agent. She was convinced earlier by the secret services.

One pattern in most false flag events are contradictory reports in the early aftermath of the event, getting quickly unified into one official rigid narrative imposed from above (despite the facts that do not fit this narrative).

* According to a UK news report, Coulibaly’s girlfriend “always wore the nikab with full faced veil… even after it was banned in public places in France.” In an old interview she allegedly admits she started wearing the nikab 5 years ago… and left her job in a Supermarket because of that. This contradicts what we know about her. And how the couple behaved in public. We have photos of them on the beach in swimming suits where she wraps around him like a Californian bimbo. Muslim women who wear the nikab do not do this.


The only photos of her in a muslim black robe (if it is really her because we only see her eyes) are from a photo shoot… where she is posing in the woods like a sort of ninja with a crossbow… playing like Bonnie and Clyde Jihadis…

Below is a photo of them in public in Paris just a few months before the event (august/september 2015). She is wearing a small short and a small top… She looks half naked and sexy… This contradicts the propaganda of her refusing to go anywhere without a full faced nikab…


According to a French Jewish source, the picture was taken while they were checking a Jewish school… as a potential target… But the source never explained how they managed to locate this picture obviously a snapshot from a surveillance camera (recorded more than 3 months ago and not erased!!!).

They also never explained how they came to this interpretation of them targeting a Jewish school. The source also refused to give the name of the school – for alleged safety reasons. There are only a few possible explanations. Either (1) this story is invented from scratch. Either (2) the source is related to people how were monitoring the guys full time during the last 3 months. Either (3) the photo is from a government related city surveillance camera, which suggests the people who were watching them are related to the French secret services.

* On January 7, 2015 – day of the Charlie Hebdo murders – someone shot at a random jogger. It was first reported it was Coulibaly who did it. The gun used was identified as one of the guns he had with him in the Supermarket. The jogger survived (he was not supposed to) and according to him it was not Coulibaly. He insisted it was not even a black guy.

It happened at the end of the day on January 7 (early evening) at Fontenay-aux-Roses, not far from Coulibaly’s apartment (near Parc de Sceaux). The jogger – Romain, 33 years old – managed to run away.  He was shot 3 times (!) and seriously injured. The shooter came from behind and shot him in his arm first. The victim fell. Then the shooter got very close (1 meter). They looked at each other in the eyes for one second and the jogger said he ran away as fast as he could. He was shot again… one time in the chest or stomach… and one time in the leg… It is a miracle he did not die. The government said the weapon used was the same one Coulibaly used when he attacked the Jewish supermarket a couple of days later. So they concluded it was him and pressured the jogger to say so. According to the jogger who was interviewed by BFMTV, it insists it was not Coulibaly who shot him. He said he saw the man who stood very close in front of him (1 meter is very close!) He insists the shooter was not black at all. His skin was clear, he looked very athletic and he was not as tall as Coulibaly (he said only 175 to 180 cm). He also added he looked like a North African Arab. He had shot hair and was not well shaved. It means Coulibaly had at least one accomplice… or he was set up.

The police would normally take an information like that very seriously. Logically the police would use this precious testimony to issue a drawing of the suspect and try to identify him by all means necessary. And as early as possible… Instead the victim and his story were intentionally “buried” by the mainstream medias when “advertising” the tragedy… This guy was a prominent victim. He lost the use of his arm and he cannot run anymore! Normally, he should have appeared on all the TV channels. Instead he was completely pushed aside. Police tried to convince him it was Coulibaly he saw… but he would not accept. The way this poor guy – and his story – were treated is very suspicious. (In his first interview for Le Parisien in June 2015, his name had been changed for “Thomas” instead of Romain. They tried to hide his identity.)

Later the jogger saw in news reports the face of a suspect. It was a man close to Coulibaly whom he had met in prison. The police said the man had been interrogated and released. The jogger told them numerous times it might be him who shot him… His name is Amar Ramdani, 34 years old. It was found that not only Amar was in Paris at the time, but that he met with Coulibaly on the day before the event. According to reports, they met 2 hours before Coulibaly attacked the Supermarket. Amar Ramdani used to trade weapons. He most probably sold stuff to Coulibaly. In addition, Ramdani’s girl friend is a cop.

It was also stated by the police that Coulibaly received instructions from someone by email but we never heard anymore about this in the news. Why not?

Before Coulibaly started anything, someone used Coulibaly’s gun to shoot a random jogger with the intention to kill… and managed to escape from the scene… someone who looks like Coulibaly’s close acquaintance and alleged accomplice and weapon provider… someone who later met with Coulibaly just 2 hours before his attack on the Jewish Supermarket… someone who’s girlfriend is a cop… someone who the French authorities decided to protect from justice and release… and keep away from the medias… (like they kept the jogger away from the media while celebrating and rewarding other victims)

* The video where we see him alone announcing his plans was released by an anonymous source a few days later which proves he had accomplices… and that the police is hiding it from the public.

* On January 8 – the day after the Charlie Hebdo Murders – Coulibaly allegedly shot and killed a young unarmed black policewoman – Clarissa Jean-Philippe – somewhere in Montrouge. He also wounded a police man. According to another policeman who prefers not to give his name (why?) it seems it started with a car accident. And then a shootout and a fight with the policemen and the policewoman who was shot.


Why would he shoot an unarmed black woman? His friends the Kouachi brothers declared somewhere Jihadis would never kill a woman. According to his own admission on video, he planned a diversion to confuse the French police and help the 2 brothers get away… Which implies he though he would get away as well… He never speaks about a attacking a Supermarket… Only what he calls “some action against cops.”

Among all sorts of people, why a black woman? and let live a white policeman after they fought against each other? That policeman allegedly took his hood off… Which they said helped identify him using his DNA… This is suspicious: It takes a lot of time and effort to analyze DNA. Why do it if 2 policemen saw his face? One of them very close since they had a fight! The eye witness accounts and the bullets analysis should be enough.

* On the next day, January 9th, Coulibaly attacks the Jewish Supermarket. Allegedly to spread chaos which would help the 2 brothers in their escape. If the Jewish Supermarket was his ultimate mission – planned a long time in advance as we are told – why would he risk getting shot and arrested for ridiculous random murders before starting the real super mission? In the video where he comments about his plans (video released by an anonymous source a few days later) he does not talk about a Jewish target. If it was in his plan he would have bragged about it for sure. He only refers to his plan of “doing the policemen”… and he phrases it as if he had already done that… at least started it… This implies the police attack was probably real, but it also suggest the Jewish Supermarket might not have been in his plans at all.

A view of the Jewish supermarket (Google street view)

* A French website reported the Jewish supermarket was sold by the owner one day before the attack of the supermarket… This is huge… The transaction had been planned 15 days earlier (supposedly) and finalized on the day of the first murders (January 7 a little before noon) 2 days before the attack of the supermarket… At the time the Charlie Hebdo murders had already happened and the killers were being chased.

It was reported the Jewish owner had decided to move to the US. His wife has been working for a company owned by the financial group KKR. In 2013, this group was directed by 2 important Jewish directors – Henry Kravis and George Roberts. The group managed to hire David Petraeus, the ex-director of the CIA. (An infamous character for his activities in Afghanistan which were exposed by journalist Michael Hastings, who later died in a highly suspicious car accident.)

Is the timing of this sale – at the last minute before the attack – a coincidence? Probably not. But what happened exactly?

In comparison, the Bataclan was sold on September 11th about 2 months before the attacks of November 13, 2015… It suggests this attack was planned at least 2 months before it happened. Maybe the supermarket attack was a last minute operation. Maybe the owner was tipped a couple weeks before the event.

Why would he want to sell before the event? Why not later? To avoid public exposition and annoying questions? To escape the emotional weight of the whole thing? To skip the sudden drop in sales that could happen after such a tragedy? Maybe or maybe not.

Maybe the one in a rush was the new owner? and maybe he is related to the perpetrators? Maybe they needed to obtain full control over the place before starting such an operation. This would imply the Jewish supermaket was last minute improvisation.

* An audio recording has been released where one can here Coulibaly ranting about politics and stating his anti-Assad and pro-Jihad opinions. It was presented by a TV channel as having been recorded by journalists through a phone call… They supposedly called Coulibaly while he was inside the store with his hostages. They explained he did not close the phone very well (because he is stupid?) that is why they could still hear him chat with hostages. If one listens to the audio carefully – without the loud and misleading comments of the journalist! – the conversation sounds particularly relaxed. Like a coffee table conversation that could have been happened earlier in another context. (This is pure speculation based on the fishy allegation he did not close the phone properly.)

* The hostages who were with Coulibaly (in the same room for many hours) refused or were not allowed to speak to journalists. Why? What are they hiding? What happened in that supermarket during all those hours? The only hostages who went public belong to a small group of 6 people who managed to hide in the basement and who did not see the “killer” at all… (UPDATE: Two persons who said they saw him entering at the beginning of the attack were interviewed later. One employee pretended she saw him enter the store “ready to kill”. And she added he shot towards her but she was not hurt!)

* Days after the event, an “anonymous” source released a video Coulibaly had made before the event. He states the political “djihadist” reasons for his actions. He admits helping the Kouachi brothers with money/equipment. He mentions another action by himself in parallel related to “doing cops.” He says he had planned and synchronized everything with the 2 others. The Kouachi brothers in another audio (if it is indeed their real voice) claimed allegiance to Al Qaeda in Yemen. Coulibaly himself claimed he was influenced by Osama Bin Laden (1957-2001) and more precisely by Anwar al-Awlaki (1971-2011) whom he said he had met in Yemen.

Relating people to this Islamic predicator is suspicious. He was mentioned in relation to the Boston Marathon in 2o13 (another manipulated event). It seems Coulibaly himself was told to say what he did by his “supervisors.” At least in the audio of the 2 bothers who spoke with a journalist on the phone just before they were killed, we hear a voice whispering and tipping them on what to say.

Islamic jihad preacher Anwar al-Awlaki

* Someone was filming the 2 bothers from a place what was under construction close to the Charlie Hebdo building. We never saw this video… And the person was never heard of in the mainstream media. This was never investigated seriously. According to the owner who spoke to journalist, the man was allegedly a polish construction worker who was standing on a low roof in the same street. (A perfect spot for monitoring the whole thing!)

* At the Jewish supermaket – called “Hyper Casher” – at the end of the stand down, Amedy Coulibaly made a suicide run towards the policemen outside who executed him. In the video he is not holding his machine gun. His hands are tied in metal handcuffs in front of him! 

His hands are tied in handcuffs there is no doubt about it. A little later on the photos of his dead body on the floor, the handcuffs are not here anymore. Not only this FACT has been omitted in all mainstream media, but we have evidence it was intentional. The orders were given to all TV channels cut that scene. Only one channel did not obey the order and the footage was leaked… This is how we know… This means he was caught alive… (1) Either by another team of commandos who entered by the backdoor. And who decided to execute him! To avoid a long trial and life sentence (there is no death penalty in France). To avoid the possibility of people taking him as a model… (2) Either he was caught earlier by special agents who were expecting him, soon after he got in the supermarket… (3) Either he was set up and caught much earlier and brought to the supermarket by special agents.

* There are photos and videos circulating online showing a VERY suspicious old man with white hair… who was wearing a cap (like a baseball cap) and a long coat… He seemed to have directed the operations inside the Jewish store. We can see him escaping the scene alone on the left (a direction opposite to the group of the rescued hostages). It is hard to verify the source of this video.

Policeman Helric Fredou

* Finally let us focus on the murder-suicide of Helric Fredou late at night on January 7, the same day of the Charlie Hebdo murders… Fredou was number 2 in the hierarchy in his area (assistant director). In November 2013 (a little more than a year ago) he found one of his colleagues who had killed himself in his office supposedly in the same way. He said to people around him he had to work on a report that night and make one urgent phone call… Did he know too much? Of course he did.

According to his family and friends he had no reason to kill himself. He was directly involved in the Charlie Hebdo affair: It was said he was investigating Jeanette Bougrab and her family. (Because she or they had received threats from Islamists.) Bougrab is a secondary political figure in France close to former president Sarkozi (right wing). She is a dedicated Zionist. She has close friends on the left and the right – as long as they are Zionist and radically anti-Islamic. After the tragedy, she pretended on various TV channels she was dating “Charb”, the main journalist at Charlie Hebdo who was shot. She appeared on French and American TV channels very soon after the event. She played the dramatic “sad widow”, blatantly lying about the nature, the length and the intensity of her relationship with “Charb”. (This woman is ambitious and cunning. She did not have many reasons to be seriously involved with a guy like Charb.) She was exposed by Charb’s close friends! She was exposed by Charb’s own brother! And by his real girlfriend!… Both Bougrab and her lies about Charb are HIGHLY suspicious. She acted a bit like a “crisis actor” in the aftermath of the event. Even without the murder-suicide of Fredou (more details about Fredou’s death below) it is not excessive to suspect Bougrab is an Intelligence asset (NATO? USA? Israel? France?)

Jeannette Bougrab posing a few days after the attack

After the murder, on the same day, Bougrab contacted Charb’s parents to get the key to his apartment. Charb’s mother said so. She said she gave Bougrab the key. But Bougrab later denied that… She lied!… We also know for a fact that Charb’s apartment was searched (violently sacked) on that day.

Is Bougrab a “real” agent fully involved in the conspiracy? or was simply she used as an asset? What did policeman Fredou know about her and her family that justified his assassination? He was in charge of watching her and her family… Did he find an incriminating proof she was an accomplice in the false-flag operation? One can speculate she was a key element to penetrate the Charlie Hebdo team and provide real time information about their schedule and habits. Maybe without knowing the details of the operation for her own safety…

About her relationship with Charb himslef, her official role (this is documented) was to help him get the money he needed for his magazine. She was helping him meet people in higher political and financial circles who could help him get the money to continue Charlie Hebdo. He needed EUR 200,000 very soon otherwise he had to close the magazine. He did not share this information with the other people in his team. For him, Bougrab was a good friend – probably with benefits – and a strategic ally.

* More details about the murder-suicide of policeman Helric Fredou provided by his mother and family…

1/ According to the mother of Helric Fredou, police officers informed her that she will not have access to the autopsy report. The Code of Criminal Procedure says that any member of the family can make a request to see the report. But she has been denied that right for unspecified reasons.

2/ Fredou’s service weapon was not equipped with a silencer . Her mother has asked a basic question to his colleagues: “Why did you not hear anything?” The answer that came back: “His office was well insulated.”

3/ According to his mother, Fredou had to make an important phone call to “debrief  three investigators” questioning the immediate family of a victim of the attacks… and then check “social networks.”

4/ According to the official report, Helric Fredou would have raised the barrel of his revolver on the front of his head (not on the side like most people who commit suicide do) and the bullet would have remained inside the skull. Because there was no exit hole. Just a bandage on the front of the head… So we have to assume there was no bullet. We have to assume he was killed in a different manner. Probably in a silent method.

5/ The attending physician for Helric Fredou – with whom his mother spoke on Thursday January 22 – refuses to accept “depression” and denies knowledge of any “burn-out.” The doctor does not buy the suicide theory at all.

6/ The mother wanted to know who had sent the last call to his son on his phone… Police reportedly said “we cannot know”… Before later declaring “no call had been made.”

7/ Four top police officers from Paris were sent to meet the mother and present their condolences… and do their best to convince her it was a real suicide.

* A few quotation from his sister and other family members (in French)

“Mon frère était chez lui ce soir-là et comme il était de permanence, ils l’ont appelé et il est venu au commissariat vers 23h30… La journée avait été très tendue selon ses collègues…. Des policiers de Paris étaient présents dans la soirée… Il devait rédiger un rapport mais il y a eu des frictions, je ne sais pas sur quoi… Il leur a dit qu’il devait passer de toute urgence un coup de téléphone et comme ils ont vu qu’il ne revenait pas, un collègue est allé le chercher à son bureau et l’a découvert mort.”

“Sur le coup, je me suis dit c’est pas possible, quelqu’un l’a flingué mais on est pas dans un film.”

“On nous a enlevé les ordinateurs et son portable perso, on nous a tout pris, ça nous a choqués mais c’est la procédure, nous a-t-on dit.”

Pas de courrier laissé ni de plaque sur son bureau.”

“C’était quelqu’un de calme, avec un grand esprit de discernement selon son formateur.”

“Ma maman, qui était très fusionnelle avec lui, est retournée contre la terre entière: elle veut savoir comment il s’est tué. Il a un pansement sur le front. Sur le côté, c’est trépané à cause de l’autopsie. À l’arrière du crâne, il n’y a rien.

“Mon frère avait lui-même trouvé deux suicidés – dont l’un à Melun – et avait dit à maman ‘je te ferai jamais un truc comme ça’, à savoir me tuer et te laisser seule. Il n’était pas dépressif.

“Des gens de Paris sont descendus pour nous expliquer comment cela s’est passé.”


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