Who wants to criminalize “conspiracy theories”?

“Never believe anything until it’s officially denied.” –  C. Cockburn.

There have been very loud rants recently about criminalizing free speech on the Internet by the governments of France and the UK. Beginning 2015, prime minister Cameron made a loud speech relating people who question 9/11 to terrorists and political extremists. The French minister of the interior traveled to California to pressure the big dot-com’s to act against free speech on these topics. They say the problem is the continuous spread of “conspiracy theories” (and supposedly the mentally sick or uneducated individuals who carry them and spread them like viruses) on youtube, facebook and other social networks.

Officially, this complaint is directed against all “conspiracy theories”. But when one plays attention, what really motivates the censorship campaign, is the free questioning around the mainstream narratives of 9/11… and the chain of false flag terror that followed such as the Paris shootings. The censors allege that these evil people are also deniers of the Jewish Holocaust… These two topics are related according to their “studies”. The censors use real manipulated scholars (sociologists in general) to pretend the same people who question 9/11 and manipulated terror events… are also questioning the Holy Holocaust… and since the latter is already established as “pure evil”, the former must be as sick and insane. They call it hate speech. They want the masses to link in their brains the questioning of 9/11 and the questioning of the Holocaust… all of this mixed in a big populistic soup with more outlandish theories – already ridiculed in the mainstream – questioning aliens and the Roswell event.

For long, before the rise of the Internet, a lot of this information soup, is what Americans used to refer to as the “New Age”, a big cloud of data that is a free mix of science, science fiction, spirituality, imagination and open speculations. As opposed to: acquired knowledge, dogmas, academies, certitudes, peer reviewed science etc.

The French government and in particular Zionist pressure groups are advocating suppressing and criminalizing free speech on these very particular topics they consider “above science” or politically incorrect to speculate about. The Holocaust propaganda narrative and 9/11, along with state sponsored terrorism. They state that “conspiracy theories” are harmful, evil and dangerous. They insist they are related to the spread of antisemitism (which makes sense since we know Israel is deeply involved in 9/11 in the Paris shootings and in many terror events dating long before 9/11). They further state free speech on these topics leads people to commit terror crimes!

In 2008-2009, newly elected president Obama kickstarted a new cover up strategy. After serious brainstorming for a year or two by a hired group of people they came up with a set of new methods. One of the documents at the root of this process was published in January 2008 by Sunstein and Vermeule. It is called Conspiracy Theories. This is from the introduction:

“Many millions of people hold conspiracy theories; they believe that powerful people have worked together in order to withhold the truth about some important practice or some terrible event. A recent example is the belief, widespread in some parts of the world, that the attacks of 9/11 were carried out not by Al Qaeda, but by Israel or the United States. Those who subscribe to conspiracy theories may create serious risks, including risks of violence, and the existence of such theories raises significant challenges for policy and law. The first challenge is to understand the mechanisms by which conspiracy theories prosper; the second challenge is to understand how such theories might be undermined. Such theories typically spread as a result of identifiable cognitive blunders, operating in conjunction with informational and reputational influences. A distinctive feature of conspiracy theories is their self-sealing quality. Conspiracy theorists are not likely to be persuaded by an attempt to dispel their theories; they may even characterize that very attempt as further proof of the conspiracy. Because those who hold conspiracy theories typically suffer from a crippled epistemology, in accordance with which it is rational to hold such theories, the best response consists in cognitive infiltration of extremist groups. Various policy dilemmas, such as the question whether it is better for government to rebut conspiracy theories or to ignore them, are explored in this light.” – Sunstein and Vermeule, ‘Conspiracy Theories’, Jan 2008

They are not afraid to hammer their argument by stating that people who question 9/11… must also question the Holocaust official narrative! Here comes the so called “Holocaust Deniers”… even though true deniers are very rare… most them are not deniers and only question details of the narrative planted in 1946 in the Nuremberg Trial, such as the number of victims (6 millions) and use of the gas chambers at the rate of 10.000 deaths per day in Auschwitz… and these critical historians all use the historical method, with no hidden “nazi agenda”. Except very few people like Zündel (a true Nazi lover). In Europe, to suppress speech for these people, governments have been using old-school censorship, creating new laws to criminalize free speech with fines and imprisonment. It is the case in Germany, France, Italy and other countries. In North America and the UK, where free speech is sacred, what is used is character assassination: calling these people potential terrorists and nazi sympathizers and blacklisting them, firing journalists and prominent people who support them… demonizing them so much that even their name has to be whispered or simple not pronounced without consequences.

Accusing the Internet of anything is extremely shocking. Sunstein is the name of the Harvard idiot who authored the paper cited above about “Conspiracy Theories”. He was appointed by the Senate in September 2009. This person wrote against Internet freedom. He pretends that pure organic free speech (the open society of the Internet) leads to people protecting themselves in tribes outside and against of the mainstream… and therefore contributing to social fracture… and therefore ultimately leading to dissent and acts of violence… This is a total imposture. To hide State Crimes Against Democracy (SCAD) they are calling free speech evil and promoting censorship… This is a criminal entity adding more crimes to cover up its initial crime that has been leaked…

The Internet (with no control whatsoever) is innocent and as pure as Jesus Christ is pure for a Christian. It only lets people exchange information with other people – without intermediaries. Therefore the only true enemies of the Internet Open Society, are States and organizations of people who have something to hide. Patronizing and applying “parental control” over citizens – by governments with relatively weak democratic legitimacy! – is not only very sad and contemptuous of tax paying citizens, but simply satanical.

Big Internet giants, such as Google (and its other companies like Youtube) as well as Facebook and others are managed and founded by prominent American Jews. But these guys are not far right Israeli suprematists. These are not old school fascists either. They are American freedom lovers for most of them! Even if some of them have special relationship with Zionism and Israel, they cannot simply suppress or criminalize content like in China, Turkey or even France. They need to find a “smarter” more democratic way. (In Canada, the concept of “hate speech” has been created from scratch to prosecute Holocaust denier Zündel in the 80’s. It worked but it degraded – probably forever – the principle of free speech in Canada. I made it drop below the USA and the UK.)

Google is working on something though. It is trying to do what it can without completely destroying free speech. A Google research group has been looking into ranking websites based on how “factual” they are. Google has already created what they call a “knowledge vault” containing “commonly believed facts”. If implemented, it would literally mean Google taking on the gatekeeper role of who deciding fact from fiction. In short, websites found to deviate from what Google considers facts, would be automatically down-ranked in searches. Or associated with unreliable sources about aliens building pyramids and secretly ruling the world… In this indirect method, dissident opinions would get buried or “contained” in narrower channels and back alleys, while keeping the main avenues “clean”.

This kind of politics would lead to the establishment of an information dictatorship – a so-called Orwellian Ministry Of Truth – for the overall good of the people. Amen.

Already implemented very recently are customized personal “suggestions” on Youtube… For example if one start watching videos on the 9/11 conspiracy, Youtube may automatically pick propaganda videos defending Israel and suggest these to the user… Youtube labels them for the user as “specially recommended for you”… Being a “9/11 truther” labels one as an antisemite… And Google would be entitled to educate you and cure you for this disease…

In other words, Google is trying to politely educate viewers with what it considers “historical facts” versus what it considers “conspiration theories” with the pretense these theories lead to antisemitism… and Holocaust denial.

This sounds very much like a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy. It reminds us of the most famous “Drug War” propaganda theory… One would start with a puff from a joint of marijuana, and would end up sliding – in a logical chain reaction – all the way to death by heroine overdose under a bridge.

It has officially been documented and reported in the news: Nation States such as the US and Israel, are paying “internet agents” to edit things on Wikipedia. The page about 9/11 on Wikipedia is shocking. On 9/11 in particular – because it is the big fat mother of all hoax of the century – one can easily notice a clear attempt to clean up and diminish the “truthers” arguments. In English and in French there is true military blockade over this page… and Wikipedia cannot do anything about it. They have not been able to prevent that. Some important and respected investigative journalists had their page redirected or removed… This is disturbing because Wikipedia is supposed to be a major highway of the web. The voice of the web community. One of its main “streams”. Ideally it should be protected by “We The People” but it was not possible. Since 2006, it has been deteriorating in the way it allows editors to contribute to the content. It was slowly “brought under control”. Ideally it should be replaced by a better option…

Since times immemorial, censorship has been used by IDEOLOGICAL FRAMEWORKS to cover up what is considered a threat to their system of beliefs. The Catholic Church is a good historical example of this because its methods are documented. And it is very normal that this sort of mind control or reality control generates a counter-reaction, an opposition, a critical wave of questioning and speculations. This is what Nation States are now calling “conspiracy theories”. Instead of “conspiracy researchers”. Only to demonize all forms of dissension. The powers in place always call their enemies names. They use “terrorists” instead of “resistants”. The investigative journalists and  truth researchers around 9/11 have been called “truthers”. As if seeking the truth was ridiculous. Like too much truth in actually a bad thing. Like alcohol it should be used with moderation! One can loose his job for being a “truther”.

In short: seeking the truth about 9/11 is considered a bad thing. It would be unpatriotic. Because the consequences of the truth would be bad for America. Worst that the criminal act itself. While in reality we know it would only lead to a “regime change”. Which would be good for America. For the people of America and for the people of the World.

What would be the opposite of a truth seeker? What is the opposite of a “truther”? It is a “liar”… A war of information between Patriotic Liars versus Unpatriotic Truthers… How lame is that?… One of the names used by “truthers” versus their enemies is “gatekeepers”. The protectors of the lie. The people who work for the cover up of State crimes.

Further more, censorship literally creates evil. It is not a secret that oppression fuels violence and terrorism. When the common man realizes he has been lied to by the system he was induced to rely upon, by the IDEOLOGICAL FRAMEWORK he has been evolving into through the mainstream media, he will flip to alternative medias and look into opposite IDEOLOGICAL FRAMEWORKS.

In a radical judeo-christian world that teaches the Bible as true facts (this is pretty common in small towns of the Bible Belt, deep inside the USA) one might react to the truth by becoming a satanist… or enjoy satanic paraphernalia (Marylin Manson grew up in a small town of fanatical uneducated christian bigots).

In a world that legally criminalizes historical inquiry about the Holocaust, the common man is lead to assume the Holocaust must be a hoax. He might even become a neo-nazi sympathizer. When one understands that the assassination of JFK and 9/11 were actually inside jobs involving elements of the CIA and other parties… one might automatically resent and dismiss everything the American government says or does… and maybe even become a true terrorist. This is how Nation States justify censorship!

In France and abroad, one keeps hearing in the mainstream media about the alarming rise of antisemitism as a racist resentment against Jews. In France in particular, the alarm is triggered by French Zionist (not specially Jewish) and NATO pressure groups who work hard to equate anti-Zionism with antisemitism… They call it a “new antisemitism”… Since the murder of Rabin in 1995 Israel rule by the far right. Its politics has been called racist, fascistic and neo-nazi in nature. Critics of this political apparatus are systematically harassed. Even more if they are Jewish! We are now living in a historical period where telling the truth is considered antisemitic… This ideological stream of thought does not come from the clouds, it is not like the weather changing. It is not an irrational wave of Jew haters. These critics of Israel’s politics are not even directly pointing at the war crimes of Israel. They are above all motivated by the suppression and criminalization of free speech. The organized cabala against the French standup comedian Dieudonné started the day he made a joke ridiculing a far right militarized violent Zionist settler… Because he was attacked by specific organizations, he defended himself against them. And he used humor for that. And the more he did that, the more his Zionist enemies called him “antisemitic”.

Also, numerous antisemitic hate crimes – not just in France – have been found to have been perpetrated by Zionist Jews (the list of those false-flag operations is huge). In Germany, questioning the reality of the gas-chambers during WWII, is far worst than raping someone. It results in harsh prison punishments. It is in fact worse than stabbing someone in the back with a knife with the intent to kill… (See the case of tennis woman Monica Seles quoted by Jewish revisionist David Cole: she was stabbed in public on a tennis court, only because of her serbian origin, and she was handicapped enough to put a brutal end to her carrier.)

It is obvious, from a wider point of view, that this new cabala against “conspiration theories” is a political manipulation. The same people who are trying to start a crusade against the spread of “conspiration theories”, are trying to protect the “western world order”, what their enemies have labeled  the “new world order agenda”. Most of those alleged “conspiration theorists” are accused of being the same ones trying to denounce and undermine this NWO agenda. In France, a decade ago, this legitimate political opposition used to have a respectable name: “alter-mondialists”. Promoters of an alternative globalization, versus the one imposed by global finance. They were like a sort of new left worried about climate change and Amercican GMO’s. They were the new opposition to the capitalistic mainstream oligarchy. They included all sorts of critical groups. Most of them were critical of Israel (critical of the ethnic discrimination which they equated to South Africa’s Apartheid). This opposition has been growing, until it was undermined by the powers in place, usually by vilification and personal attacks on the leaders. And since Israel’s politics was one of the topics, the attacks were a systematic accusation of antisemitism.

Starting around 2008 and on, numerous people – politics and journalists – questioning 9/11 have been fired for their jobs and campaigned against. Some have seen their carrier destroyed for good. In 2009, Israel issued a special PDF handbook of 131 pages intended to promote Israel on campuses in the US. It was not intended to be public. It is called the Hasbara Handbook (available here). It is a propaganda manual, Goebbels style. It is not about facts or truth anymore, it is about infiltrating, hammering, and character assassination, calling Holocaust denier, antisemite or neo-nazi anything that would not be politically correct.

On September 11 2009, Charlie Skelton in The Guardian notes this sudden shift in maintream media. She writes:

“But here’s something I really don’t understand: when did it become uncool to ask questions? When did questioners become imbeciles? Who gets to hand out the tinfoil hats? When did it become cool to believe what we’re told? In the words of Mr Hicks, did I miss a meeting? When did so many of the cynics and sceptics, so many of the sharpest brains I know (hello Charlie Brooker!) think that the cool thing to do is mock the questioners, and defend the party line. How stratospherically uncool is that?”

2009 is a turning point in this all-out-war against questioners. It was the year the nano-thermite theory about 9/11 (that had started surfacing in 2006) was confirmed by a scientific study of a sample of the dust. This means that enough legal proof was there to indict the plotters and bring them to justice. That same year, a study under the umbrella of “cognitive psychology” looked at the people who doubt the event of 9/11 as suffering from a form of mental or psychological disorder. They concluded that conspiracy theories undermine confidence in the workings of science!… and allow people to address feelings of powerlessness and lack of control… avoid feelings of uncertainty and allow people to make sense of events… It might be the case of some specific paranoid “nut cases” on particular delirious topics, but calling “nuts” the enormous amount of people including hundreds of expert pilots, thousands of engineers and scholars is simply ridiculous. It has one true name: state propaganda.

If this kind of study was to be taken seriously, the greatest minds and most scientists in human history would fall under this defamatory and condescending label. The list of scientists who are “truthers” is very long. All of those who really took the time to look at the data became “truthers”… The wife and the son of Carl Sagan are 9/11 “truthers”… Sagan who died in 1996 is the famous scientist who wrote a popular book against believing bullshit.

This propaganda or “information war” can be summed up to a disastrous and despicable effort to simplify the actual complexity of history. If a historian zooms in on the US and UK oligarchs and corporations who financed Hitler before WWII, the censorship falls as well in certain circles (although it is agreed by all historians, very documented and undeniable). People are pre-conditioned from school. Some ears are immediately plugged in the audience and the historian is bashed as if he had an antisemitic agenda. In summary: being simply inquisitive, precise and truthful about the actual history of WWII is considered being a “believer” in obscure theories and a Holocaust denier.

In his 2013 book, Conspiracy Theory in America, author Lance deHaven-Smith traced the term “conspiracy theory” back to a CIA propaganda campaign that was designed to discredit doubters of the Warren Commission’s fake search into who assassinated President Kennedy in Dallas. In this light, the use of this pejorative terminology is obviously a tactic to shame and humiliate those who saw through the ulterior motives of the commission… and thus effectively censor out or even banish anyone who questions official government accounts. This is exactly what has been happening to people doubting 9/11, but with more violence due to the obvious consequences of bringing such a huge affair into the US Judiciary system.

The masses are used to ready-made items and food served to them.  They are deeply ignorant of the process of inquiry and creation of ideas. They are not familiar with experimental science or the techniques of art. They know nothing about the backstage of ideas or the seeking of truths.

I find it fascinating how the majority of people alive in the world, looking back at history, automatically project themselves in the “good minority”. Although most people at the time of Galileo believed he was foolish, today we think “how stupid were they?”. Although most people at the time of Van Gogh saw very little value in his work, onlookers today say “how blind were they?”. Although we know a huge majority voted for Hitler at the time, the same majority today thinks “how brainwashed were they?” People of the present always make poses and arrogantly look down on their ancestors, as if themselves have evolved into something superior… In reality we are the same proto-monkeys scratching each other’s back in the dark.

According to studies LESS than a third of the adult population is able to think independently and a more than 30% are total sheep. Therefore the job of the propaganda is to brainwash the people in between… to maintain a majority of “sleeper”.

Human beings are not engineered to think logically or independently. The human brain is specialized in copying and imitating. Like monkeys move from one tree to another tree, our brains move from one frame to another, from one radio wave to another, from one religion to another, from one ideology to another ideology. The human brain has evolved to identify and replicate the behavior of others. Not to identify the truth… Independent thought actually cause emotional distress!

If they do otherwise (if they think) they receive a chemical punishment, as anxiety. It’s a harsh reality to swallow. I think it is even a cause of suicide and autism in some individuals who grow up isolated and who become aware of this sad reality later, by entering into contact with society – or with life in a group/community – too late or too abruptly. Without a proper gentle initiation about the harsh realities of the limits of the “human thing”.

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Matt Damon reads from Howard Zinn’s 1970 speech, “The Problem is Civil Obedience” from Voices of a People’s History on Vimeo.


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