And what about chemtrails? Yet another conspiracy?

Chemtrails are simply attempts to regulate the climat. The idea is to slow down global warming by spraying particules in the sky that reflect the Sun’s heat. The problem is that the general public was not told about it until recently. The topic has been managed like a classified military operation under the supervision of Intelligence Services and networks related to governments and corporations… denied on mainstream media and operated outside of the regular channels of civil society. Why?

This recent article from Vice magazine is very misleading and typical propaganda. It tries to ridicule conspiracy analysts by deforming their thoughts… pointing at goofy delirious people as an example. What the conspiracy analysts have been saying for a long time is that this project they are describing just now and they pretend is new has ALREADY been going on IN SECRET without the agreement and knowledge of the general public. Why? probably because it might have bad secondary effects they are not sure of.

The advantages of secrecy:

  • Hide from accountability. In case it does not work or if it has secondary effects.
  • Prevent civil society’s opposition by concealing the reasons… such as “buying more time for the World economy to transition from fossile fuel”…
  • Hide the numbers… because it is expensive… like 10 billion dollars a day…
  • Avoid admitting about global warming at all… and continue to contain and defend from eco-activist…
  • Not to justify why some regions of the World will benefit at the expense of others… and avoid critics and opposition about it…
  • Protect from people and other nations reactions and opposition… For example some might back off from their agreement to emit less CO2.
  • To hide the geo-engineering technologies from other countries. Some of these technologies are considered very serious advanced weapons. They can make rain or clear the sky over an area for a military attack. Some advanced techniques do much worse like provoque earthquakes and tsunamis.
  • Chemtrails is one of those geo-engineering technologies… Its scientific name is Stratospheric Aerosol Injections (S.A.I.) It aims at seeding the stratosphere with Sun reflective particules.

This “conspiracy theory” is now more and more admitted in the mainstream media.

Below are serious testimonies from serious people.

In June 2016, the CIA director John Brennan mentioned it publicly. The full video is online (more than 1 hour) and below is a short extract. Strangely, he does not say this is already being applied: Brennan speaks about it as a possible future project!

UPDATE 2019 : This is a (mainstream) news report from August 2019 about spraying the atmosphere for the next 15 years… all described as a future project… and backed by Bill Gates !

Below is a very serious documentary from 2015 aired on the reputable TV channel Arte (in French). (REMOVED!)

This is an article about it from 2017 (in French).

Below is a short video from 2015 aired on i-Télé about the same topic (in French)

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