The Titanic Conspiracy – 1912

This big fat myth is not what was told about it. The evidence tells us the Titanic event was a conspiracy. (a) The boat was replaced by a twin boat called the Olympic for reasons related to insurance. And (b) many passengers were actually murdered for a reason: they were important individuals who could prevent the foundation of the infamous US Federal Reserve that happened in 1913.

In 1910 a group of rich people representing 1/4 of the World’s wealth met in secret on Jekyll Island to discuss this topic. It was very secret. It involved the Rothchilds, Rochefellers and JP Morgan himself. These competitors stayed there for 9 days.

On the Titanic, JP Morgan was on the list of passengers but he cancelled at the last minute with 55 other friends.

There are some very documented books published about this topic :

  • The Great Titanic Conspiracy by Robin Gardiner (2010)
    Since the best-selling Titanic: The Ship That Never Sank was published in 1998, author Robin Gardiner has unearthed a wealth of new evidence in support of his theory that the sinking of the Titanic was a vast conspiracy, and that the ship that went down on April 12 was in fact the Olympic, Titanic’s sister ship. This book concentrates on the conspiracy, with evidence of why the White Star company intended to defraud the insurance company by swapping the identity of Titanic and the recently damaged Olympic in a collision with HMS Hawke, with new conclusive photographic and documentary evidence of the swap. The subsequent staged collision with the iceberg went horribly wrong as those in charge of Titanic completely underestimated the scale of the panic and the ensuing disaster. The ship quickly sank and the rescue boats failed to arrive, making it a disaster that would reverberate around the world.
  • Titanic’s Last Secret by John Hamer (2014)
    This book came about as a result of the years of research undertaken by the author into the ‘real’ facts surrounding the Titanic disaster of 1912 for his previous, non-fiction work, RMS Olympic, first published in 2013. In that book he propounded and expanded upon the theory, backed up with plenty of evidence both provable and circumstantial, that all was not as it seemed regarding that awful tragedy of more than a century previously. This story has therefore been constructed around all the information he unearthed and although overall the story is fictional, particularly the latter-day element, much of what happened in the ‘flashback’ sections is based on actual incidents and sometimes even on specific conversations that have been recorded as having actually taken place. In summary, this novel may be regarded as a ‘best guess’ as to what really happened in 1908-1912 culminating in that freezing, fateful night of so long ago and the author trusts that you, the reader will both appreciate and even enjoy the alternative approach to those sad events and acknowledge that there is no intention on his part to dishonour the 1500 departed souls or to in any way denigrate either their memories or their entirely avoidable deaths.

This is an excellent video presentation by John Hamer that cover the Titanic topic:

This is a detailed lecture about the infamous secret meeting on Jekyll Island (1910) that led to the creation of the Federal Reserve bank (1913).

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