Operation “Flat Earth”

The mother of all conspiracies. The perfect smear used by mainstream journalists and propagandists – such as president Obama or president Macron who both used “flat earth” in their discourse – as a tool to demonize the web in general, i.e. to discredit information coming from independent sources. So is the Flat Earth idea a psyop against free speach? another propaganda operation to ridicule real conspiracy theories? or is there more to this story? If some people are buying it for real, who are they and what exactly could be their reasons?

The idea is not new, it is in the Bible and in the accounts of many ancient people like the Sumerians… but the modern Flat Earth idea apparently started in the XIXth century, relatively recently.

The model is pretty cool. It says the North pole is the center of the disc we live on… and Antarctica is a wall of mountains all around a more or less flat disc… with a dome on top of it… a bit like in the movie Truman Show but on a huge scale… There are explanations for everything: how the Sun, the planets and space works. The Sun and the Moon are said to turn in circles above the Equator.

To our modern ears it immediatly sounds like a joke. Similar pranks were created as a parody of science by jokers and gentlemen’s club. It sounds very much related to Pataphysics a form of parodical art not far from Dadaism and Surrealism. Pataphysics was first coined by the French writer Alfred Jarry a few years before 1900. And later in 1948, an entity was founded in Paris with the scholarly name: “Le College de Pataphysique”.

In short, Pataphysics is a satire on traditional scientific and philosophical systems. It uses humor and irony to challenge traditional ways of thinking and explore alternative possibilities. The term “pataphysics” itself is a play on the word “metaphysics,” with the prefix “pat” meaning “beyond” in Greek. This poetical trend influenced many artists and thinkers, including the Surrealists, the Dadaists, and the Situationists. It is a way of exploring the boundaries of human understanding and imagination.

In 2004, a website appeared for a “Flat Earth Society” with a logo and a forum and everything very well made and maintained. It propagates the idea of a Flat Earth. It is not clear who is funding this project today and what motivates it to keep on going. Are the people behind it serious or is it part of a strategy to poison the web? Could it be pushed by the Intelligence Community to ridicule conspiracy theories?

Looking closer, it seems the society behind this website is not new. It was founded before the Internet back in 1970 by freemason Leo Ferrari (1927-2010). He named his association the Flat Earth Society of Canada and soon later shortened it to: Flat Earth Society (FES). This little group posed on photographs in folkloric or funky semi-religious costumes. Since its creation this society has always been intended as a parody to ridicule the concept of a Flat Earth.

14 years earlier in 1956, another society was founded by Samuel Shenton a British inventor and writer. He called his group the International Flat Earth Research Society (IFERS). The society had a regular publication called Flat Earth News. Contrary to Ferrari, Shenton was very serious about his cause.

Shenton passed away in 1971. After Shenton’s death, the leadership moved to Charles K. Johnson, an American who was a longtime member of the organization. It is interesting to note that in 1991, Johnson’s house suspiciously burned with his collection of documents. Johnson continued to promote the belief in a flat Earth and ran IFERS until his own death in 2001.

Samuel Shenton was influenced by a book from 1901, The Romance of Science: The Earth is Not a Globe! by Lady Blount (1831-1919) the wife of Sir Edward Blount, a British politician and landowner. She wrote several books and pamphlets promoting the idea that the Earth is a flat disc rather than a sphere. She was convinced and tried to demonstrate that the idea of a spherical Earth was a conspiracy by the scientific establishment to hide the true nature of the Earth from the general public.

Lady Blount did not invent the Flat Earth theory: 20 years earlier Samuel Rowbotham (1816-1884) published a book entitled Zetetic Astronomy: Earth Not a Globe (1881). According to Rowbotham, his zetetic astronomy is a method of investigating through direct observation and experimentation, rather than relying on preconceived notions or assumptions. He believed that this was a more accurate and reliable approach to studying the Earth than traditional astronomy, which he believed was based on flawed assumptions and mathematical models. Zetetic astronomy is based on common sense and observation, and it pretends to be a more complete and accurate understanding of the Earth’s shape and motion.

Rowbotham’s theory rejected the idea that the Earth is a sphere and instead posited that the Earth is a flat disk with the North Pole at the center and Antarctica forming a wall of ice around the edge. He argued that the curvature of the Earth is not visible to the naked eye, and that the phenomena of gravity and the apparent movement of the stars could be explained scientifically without the need for a spherical Earth.

All of these people (Samuel Rowbotham, Lady Blount, Samuel Shenton, Charles Johnson) were not stupid and they were certainly not clowns. They were very educated and they really beleived in this theories. (Another theory was very popular at the same time in the 19th century until the middle of the XXth century: the Hollow Earth theory. But this topic need another post.)

Today the Flat Earth “cause” is not dead at all. There are even more people who defend this theory and this is growing constantly. They write books and make many long videos with hundreds of arguments. One of them is Eric Dubay who maintains a youtube channel with many long videos covering the Flat Earth topic such as: The Top 20 Proofs Earth is Not a Spinning Globe. There are many others who published books and documentaries.

Now let us talk about NASA. Because most of the pictures we have from Earth until now are from NASA. Probably all of them. And it is not a secret these are all artist renditions: NASA has admitted it. Officially NASA, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration is an independent agency of the U.S. federal government – founded in 1958 – responsible for the civil space program, aeronautics research, and space research.

From 1969 until 1972, NASA had its infamous Apollo program. We know for certain today that everything we know about these alledged missions was fabricated on Earth. We know the landing movies are fake and were made by Stanley Kubrick. This is undenible 50 years later. Also the rocks alledgedly brought back were found to be fake after serious independant analysis.

For all these very good reasons, many people chose not to believe NASA what ever it may say. Once a liar always a liar. This is very logical. A valid scientific investigation cannot rely on information coming from the prime suspect in the investigation. So until proven otherwise, NASA does not represent facts or science. On the contrary it represents intentional and sophisticated deception over a prolonged period of time. Their legitimity is broken to the core.

Given the extent of the deception propagated by NASA, psychology could interpret the Flat Earth phenomenon as a sort of earplug strategy. The people and specially the younger generations are fed up with the lies pouring from the controlled mainstream media (MSM). When a person understands that almost everything of what is labeled “conspiracy theory” is actually true and on the contrary what is being taught today as science and history in schools and universities, is actually wrong or heaviy distorted… then a good soul might naturally develop a cognitive trauma.

One might very well stop listening to EVERYTHING that is told by someone else about space and the shape of the Earth unless one can see it and experience it directly. This possible “Flat Earth Syndrom” could be a form of defensive autism towards the weaponized mainstream media. Better safe than sorry: it is a better bet to believe absolutely nothing from NASA and the mainstream media, period.

Now let us suppose for a second that the Earth is not a globe and that a group of people are really trying to hide the shape of the Earth. This group of people – right at the moment when humans are going to see their supposed planet and take its picture for the first time ever – would need to decide something… It is interesting to notice the time window (1969-1972) of the Apollo missions comes with funny synchronicities: (a) Shenton passed away in 1971 and (b) the mock society by freemason Leo Ferrari suddenly popped up in 1970. The timing makes both these events suspicious. Supposing the Earth is not a globe and NASA wants people to believe so: Shenton could have been silenced and Ferrari could very well be an agent (like we know now Charles Manson was an agent performing a demonized version of John Lennon. The target was the hippies and the anti-war movement).

Another detail one must notice: like Ferrari, absolutely all NASA astronauts are freemasons, without a single exception. The convergence is too heavy to be irrelevent.

Freemasonery is said to believe in a Flat Earth, a bit like the Bible and many old religions. It shows everywhere in their symbols. In the following clip a Freemason uses a disc to draw the black sun, earth, moon, and sun. It shows the Freemasonic symbolism of the compass.

This leaves us with many questions.

The organic WWW will always automatically reject errors and fake news, like a chemical reaction. It auto-corrects. It works like an immune system. When a deception is thrown in, it cannot last. It can only last if someone keeps funding it, feeding it artificially. And it costs time and money on the long term. What really spreads naturally like a wild fire are the REAL conspiracies. All the popular conspiracies – the ones that refuse to disappear and continue to scream smoke year after year and decades after decades – are true or partly true.

Therefore (a) if the Flat Earth conspiracy theory is still sticking today, if it is not slowly fading over time and (b) if it is not a operation actively maintained by the Intel community to poison the web… then we have to admit the Flat Earth story is pointing towards something.

This is a solid rule that accepts little exception: if there is smoke, there must be a fire somewhere. Since (a) is true and (b) is highly probable… it is highly probable that NASA is hiding something very big about the shape of the Earth… or the nature of our World. The spherical model of Earth and our entire cosmology might be wrong or partially wrong.

Ultimately the only way to break the spell would be to follow the Zetetic principle of Samuel Rowbotham… or the apostle St Thomas… people want to see for themselves. This means sailing and roaming around Antartica independently. End of story.

Oh wait, this is not allowed. Even a quick and innocent fly over is not allowed. No plane is permited to fly over both the North Pole and the South Pole. One can only go to Antartica on a guided tour at a small station on the shore and send a postcard from that station and move around a little here and there. It sounds much worst than North Korea. And guess what? The explorers who went there first to “discover” this area are very few and all of them are freemasons. Again, all of them without a single exception.

We also know of a few NASA astonauts visiting the poles. Why would NASA or an astronaut be intereted in the Poles? Since all astronauts are freemasons, they might be curious about what their “school” teaches about the shape of the Earth.

This leads us to a simple question: what the f**k is going on in Antartica? It looks like there is a giant secret about the Poles that one needs to be “initiated” about. In other words: the Geography and the shape of our world is classified.

If Earth is not a sphere, then what could it be? A flatish disc? A fish bowl? A donut? Why not a donut?

One can remark that maps in video games are often shaped like a donut linking both poles from the inside.

The official reason to keep the civil society away from the poles or at least from Antartica has never been military related. True or false, officially is always the protection of the ecosystem, cooperation between nations and world peace.

But could there be other reasons? The level of secrecy over this area is not normal and one cannot help but be suspicious. Flying over the poles for passenger planes makes sense: it is shorter. Avoiding the poles for ecological reasons does not make sense.

We know the UFO phenomenon is real – at least some of them are real crafts – and we know they have bases under water and underground. This is common sense and today it is even considered common knowledge among all the people on Earth. So the idea there are bases or cities of people living underground and/or at the poles makes a lot of sense. Why would they dive underwater? And why would they be so bothered about Earth if they don’t also live there?

What would remain unclear is: who is behind this, how advanced they are, how many groups and when did it all start. Above all: even if we can speculate we ignore the true reasons for such insane secrecy by our governments.

This is a wikipedia list of all the expenditions to Antartica. The activity in Antartic – although extremely regulated – never stopped and always continue to develop. It is limited to very specific areas. There is a permanent base today at the South Pole with 40 to 150 people.

This is a quick list of fun facts about Antartica:

* it was much warmer at some periods in the past with trees and a tropical climate (maybe like the American pacific north west today)
* a huge pyramid can be seen, it is much bigger than Egypt (if proven artificial it would ultimately confirm super advanced tech) + further more it might still be in use with an advanced civilization under!
* there have been many UFO reports
* some areas are extremely forbidden with high security and very mysterious behaviors of secrecy like “area 51”
* one paranormal thing happened that is called the “3rd man factor”… the feeling by people that a sort of ghost/shadow was present with them.
* compasses but also GPS (!) do not work normally
* there is a concentration of meteorite fallen, more than on other areas of Earth… (why would meteorites fall here more than somewhere else? (a) either because of some magnetic force attracting them (b) either because this zone is closer to the outside of our world like in the flat Earth model)

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