Operation “Flat Earth”

According to every person with a brain online today the “Flat Earth” theory is a psyop – a psychological operation – developed and encouraged by the Intel Community. One can just google “flat Earth psyop” or “flat Earth conspiracy” to see how loud the deception is clear for everyone. Operation “Flat Earth” is only here to allow politics (Obama and Macron already did it) and media propagandist to use it in their discourse as a tool to demonize the web in general, i.e. to discredit real information coming from independent sources… about millions of very serious topics like JFK… 9/11… the alleged Moon landing and so on… Is the flat Earth idea 100% manipulated? right from the start?… Also, if a few lost souls are buying into it, who are they and what exactly could be their reasons?

The idea is in the Bible and is not new… but the modern Flat Earth theories apparently started in the middle of the XXth century. It is very possible it was intended as an innocent hoax by funny people. Similar things were created by jokers… and followed by others also in a comical spirit, as a parody of a science fraternity or a gentlemen’s club, with a huge amount of second degree. And as such it is a pretty cool and funny idea. It is pure Pataphysics a form of parodical art not far from Dadaism and Surrealism. Pataphysics was first coined by the French writer Alfred Jarry a few years before 1900. And later in 1948, a real parodical movement was founded in Paris… The “College de Pataphysique”.

It is possible the theory was believed by some to be real… But what is obvious is that it never spread at all. It never developed into a threatening “movement” and no one ever said it was dangerous. Today we are hearing about it again but with a very different tonality. It is much too loud to be natural. Right on time for the recent war against “fake news”. Everyone online finds it extremely fishy. There is no doubt this parody of science, is being dramatized and exaggerated today intentionally as a psychological operation to discredit the sources of independent info on the web… i.e. to ridicule conspiracy researchers.

In 2004, a website appeared for a new “Flat Earth Society” with a logo and a forum and everything very well made and maintained… But are some people REALLY buying into it? And if they exist who are they? and what could be their reasons to buy into such a funky theory? The theory is pretty cool. It says the North pole is the center of the disc we live on… and Antarctica is a wall of mountains all around the disc… a bit like the movie Truman Show but on a huge scale… They have all sorts of explanations for everything and how the Sun, the planets and space works.

It is pretty clear young generations are fed up with the lies pouring from the state controlled mainstream media (MSM). When a person “wakes up” and understands the undeniable fact that most of what is labeled “conspiracy theory” by the MSM is actually true… and that what is being taught today as science and history in schools and universities, is actually wrong… intentionally manipulated… one young soul can naturally develop a form of trauma and stop believing EVERYTHING.

Since NASA lied for the Moon landing films, why would anyone believe anything coming out of NASA? Flat Earth is not a belief in something weird. On the contrary, it is a form of radical skepticism… Flat Earth is one (pathological) response from young semi-autistic dudes to a dystopic society, a society built on myths that are falling apart.

Secrecy and propaganda used to be efficient in the past, in a world without the web. Today the web makes the maintenance of those lies extremely hard. To maintain the synthetic reality we live in, governments (nation states) need to ban free speech. It means they need to fight against the web itself. Against the principle of independent blogs. They are doing their best to break or spoil the web. To control it by shaping it like the “real world”… instead of shaping the “real world” like the web with more democracy and transparency.

We know the global war on DRUGS is a hoax. We know the global war on TERROR is a hoax. We know for sure “chemtrails” spread by planes in the sky are a real thing, without being certain what they are for and why this is being done in secrecy. Particular areas of academic research – specially in History and Science – are under siege… protected like dogmas, politically polarized and sometimes even “classified.”

We know the NASA lied about the Moon landings and continues to lie about Space in general. We know for sure UFO’s are a real phenomenon. We do not know exactly why but we know for sure governments have been lying and continue to lie about this topic pretending it is classified military stuff… even after the Cold War ended.

This is a lot. And most people do not realize the extent of the deception. Or to put it differently: how much governments “parent” their citizens using myths – like Santa Claus and the Boogieman are used to manipulate children. People “believe” very religiously in things they call science and history… while looking down on the Middle-Ages as a period of obscurity where the “truth” was controlled by the Church and superstition was allegedly the rule. People of our time should look at themselves. We are slightly different from animals. We are religious animals.

A lot of dark things we attributed to totalitarian regimes in the previous century have now become a reality in the West… and globally. They have become common practice. The West used to praise free speech. At least it used to pretend… Now free speech is openly and without shame presented negatively. It is supposed to be bad and scary and lead ultimately to terrorism. Total freedom is bad because it develops true democracy and democracy is bad because it leads to populism… and thus to fascism! So we are told. This very sad DEMONIZATION OF FREEDOM took another turn of the screw after 9/11 – which was a coup d’Etat proper.

More than ever before, nation states, or the Empire… is using terrorism to impose on the World a permanent state of emergency. It manufactures the Boogieman. It is the best weapon or method governments have found to continue to maintain their grip over the World – despite We the People… despite the Open Internet Society (IOS) which is the upgraded GLOBALIZED new version of what used to be “We the People” before the web came along… before the concept of blogs and whistleblowers came to be.

This confusing mix of fake information and real information makes a dish that is hard to eat and digest for the new kids growing up. It makes a soup with too much shit in it. It is normal that some people will reject ALL of it… They will dump the whole package without even checking the details. They will feel abused. They will feel mentally raped and they will leave… to start they own private little encyclopedia… from scratch… like a personal diary… paranoid, closed up, suspicious about everything… autistic… Dropping what that is too far from their short hands and which they cannot EXPERIENCE directly and physically.

In other words, “Flat Earth” might very well be a natural SYNDROME as well… A “Flat Earth” syndrome that emerged in a few individuals like a virus. But it is difficult to doubt the virus is now being nourished by people related the Intel Community… with bad intentions. A little group of people are most probably being paid to push the script as part of a disinformation campaign. But despite their efforts we must admit it is not working… people are not buying it.

Many Facebook forums (groups and pages) about this topic appeared just now… very suddenly… in the past months and they are empty… with usually barely more than 100 members… Many deceptive videos on youtube are showing up also lately, all by young idiots who are very bad actors. The video are not liked at all. They are very heavily DISLIKED by the huge majority of users… In the comments people laughs about it. It is bad. It smells “psyop” from very far.

The organic WWW will always automatically reject errors and fake news. It auto-corrects. It works like an immune system. When a deception is developed and pushed by a little group secretly and intentionally, it will work ONLY as long as they keep feeding it artificially. Exactly like 9/11 and the War on Terror. All the terror events since 2001 – all of them – including the entity we call the Islamic State (ISIS) are fabrications by NATO and other allies like Israel and the Saudi Arabs. Radical political Islam advocating terror never spread organically like a fire. It was never natural. (At least it was never given the time to become natural.) Since at least since 9/11, we know the “global war on terror” is based on synthetic terror exclusively. With sometimes methods of entrapment. The few “jihadists” we know of, are usually mentally ill and the result of mind control and entrapment by NATO handlers… Terrorism stops immediately as soon as NATO stops doing it. The management of fear became an industry.

What really spreads naturally like a wild fire are the REAL conspiracies. All the popular conspiracies – the ones that refuse to disappear and continue to scream smoke year after year and decades after decades – are true or partly true.






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