Anthony Bourdain was probably murdered – June 2018

On June 8, 2018, Anthony Bourdain was found dead in an apparent suicide – by hanging – in a hotel room in France. The guy was a celebrity chef who wrote two best selling books and had a TV show on CNN where he travels the world. He was 61. He was dating a hot actress who loved him. He had a 11 y.o. girl he said he lived for. He was friend with Obama. He talked openly about his past heroine addiction and drugs in general. Let us see how likely it is this guy killed himself.

This post is a list of all the questions one can have with the “suicide theory”.

  • Looking at his profile, this guy was not suicidal. He was as happy as the Dalai Lama. Very much in shape physically and mentally. A young daughter and a young girl friend he loved and who loved him. He was at his peek… or even a bit below his peek. All his problems were behind him. He was wise and enlightened. Full of light and spreading light. Conclusion: the probability of him committing suicide is very low. This is one of his last interviews on CNN filmed in August 2017. People who saw him in his last few days insist he appeared to be very happy. In an article in the NY Times his mother, Gladys Bourdain, who was a longtime editor at the newspaper, said she had no indication that he might have been thinking of suicide. “He is absolutely the last person in the world I would have ever dreamed would do something like this. (..) He had everything. Success beyond his wildest dreams. Money beyond his wildest dreams.” Also Andrew Zimmern, a TV personality and chef who knew him for 13 years, said he last spoke with him about a month ago. “He told me he’d never been happier. He felt that he had finally found his true soul mate in Asia.”
  • It has been reported that his girl friend was starting to date another guy. It would explain why according to one or two people close to him Bourdin was sad during the past few days. He might have been down indeed… but does it sound like a serious reason for him to kill himself? His relationship with Asia Argento was very recent but very public (2017).
  • His girl friend is said to have posted a weird message on social media just before Bourdain’s death was made public. She was wearing a sex pistol t-shirt that said ‘f-k everyone” and wrote “you know who you are”. She deleted the message soon after. Was she responding to threats related to the Weinstein affaire? Or was it against the press who were poking her during the past few days on her alleged new love affaire?
  • The method of suicide (hanging) is also very unlikely. For him in particular. Reading his recent interviews and knowing his past it is clear that if he wanted to kill himself he would certainly not chose hanging! The probability of Bourdain hanging himself is ridiculously low. He allegedly used a bathrobe belt from his hotel room (Le Chambard, a luxury hotel in Kaysersberg near Strasbourg in France). He was suspended to a door knob… Does that make sense? It seems hanging on a door knob is a “signature” for targeted murders.
  • According to this source on, the body has been cremated in France before being sent back to the US. French prosecutor (Christian de Rocquigny de Fayel) insisted there was no sign of foul play and therefore no need for an autopsy… He said there was no sign of someone else entering the room. He also added toxicology tests are underway. (How can he officially declare “no foul play” while the tests are not finished yet? Other articles insist those tests are still underway.) The fast cremation is more than suspicious. This alone screams foul play and cover up. (France is a member of NATO since 2008. This makes black operations in France much easier.)
  • Death by hanging is a pattern. Mark Lombardi, a visual artist, was found “suicided” the same way on March 22, 2000. Probably by the people behind Bush’s election and 9/11.
  • Bourdain was super popular. He was a super star. With a huge US and international audience hitting people of all age and all social categories. Like John Lennon… What sociologists and intelligence services call an “influencer”. This means he was a possible asset/target.
  • He was tweeting hard on many touchy topics… With 7.5 million followers… on Clinton… on Weinstein and his sexual abuses… on Israel (Palestine)… on Turkey (Armenian genocide)… on Kissinger… and more… One only need to look at his recent tweets… He was in Lebanon in 2006 during the Israeli attack. He also did a show in Iran. A few of his tweets are shown below.
  • People have cast doubts on the similar death of designer Kate Spade. Also an alleged suicide by hanging. A week or two before Bourdain. Might be suspicious… but she had a true history of mental illness.
  • The Clinton/Weinstein thread is the most heavy one… because his girlfriend (Asia Argento) came out very hard on having been raped by Harvey Weinstein recently. And Bourdain supported her very loudly. He also made a link with Hillary Clinton. Suggesting she knew. Tweeting about it. Knowing how Hillary “communicates” one can speculate.
  • He was vocal about Israeli crimes against Palestinians.
  • He was particularly tough on Kissinger. One pretty harsh tweet. Calling him a war criminal. Kissinger serves the state. NATO. What Peter Dale Scott calls the American War Machine.
  • May 25th – Anthony Bourdain’s instagram post with a video of Weinstein guided by policemen: “Last night I hear toothbrushes scrapin’ on the floor..” BYE BYE, dickhead
  • Some of Bourdain’s recent tweets…

These are a few links discussing the topic. The comments might be interesting.

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