Brussels Bombings – March 2016

In Brussels on the morning of Tuesday march 22 2016, three explosions killed about 30 people and injured about 300. Two explosions at the airport, and one explosion in the subway. A summary of the official narrative is on Wikipedia. Compared to other recent manipulated terror events, this one is easy to expose – at least for what happened at the airport. Many victims – particularly in the subway – seem to be very real. But the scene at the airport is full of fake victims, planted witnesses and different types of crisis actors.

This certainly indicates more than prior knowledge. Calling it a fake event would be too much. It was probably a “hybrid” event. For sure the event has been planned long in advance – by the same network that has been doing these things for a good while now.

Fake videos of surveillance cameras were released to the public one hour after the explosion

The main stream medias used old footage from attacks that happened in Russia in 2011 to “advertise” and illustrate the explosions in Brussels. These were made public only one hour after the event and immediately spread on the internet all over social medias. When the news outlets were exposed, their excuse was they wanted “more clicks”. They apologized in a tweet, removed the video and the story was forgotten. Footage from two different attacks were used: the Moscow airport attacks (January 2011) and the Minsk Metro terror attack (April  2011). This is a note about it in The Independent, but they falsely attribute the error to social media. The truth is that it came from two local media outlets (Dernière Heure and La Libre). This is a good article with more details and links.

(1) Seeking “more clicks” over a terrible tragedy in such a cynical manner would be suicide for any respectable news channel. Who does that? It does not make sense. Greed is too out of place as the motive… (2) Only one hour to make the decision to cheat, to search and find the videos, to edit them adding a fake date and removing the original Russian sound track – although possible – is not very realistic… (3) Why take the risk of being exposed by the airport security authorities? It is a big risk. Why not use the real videos from the airport? It is much more realistic to suppose they got the video from a source they believed to be official…  (4) Whatever the motive, it remains a pretty serious crime. It was totally minimized in the other medias. Why? Who is responsible? Normally the police should have officially inquired and exposed the source. The people responsible should have been legally prosecuted and punished with at least a fine for their HIGHLY unethical behavior and for the illegal profit they made… and to make an example for news channels who fake stuff and contribute to crazy conspiracy theories!

Once they got caught, instead of denying and accusing their source, the two news channels decided to admit immediately, putting the blame on themselves and insisting their motive was nothing but pure greed… as if it was OK… They made the decision to cover their source!

Airport security cameras are ultimately under the control of the government. In the end, with the information we have – which includes the cover up of the “mistake” – it is pretty rational to conclude the fake videos were introduced in the medias by elements related to the government.

If the event was staged – with bombs hidden in the ceiling as alleged by a few witnesses and YouTubers – the need for a realistic video footage would make sense.

The government had prior knowledge with a high degree of certainty

According to an article published by the Israeli newspaper Haaretz on the day after the event:

The Belgian security services, as well as other Western intelligence agencies, had advance and precise intelligence warnings regarding the terrorist attacks in Belgium on Tuesday. The security services knew, with a high degree of certainty, that attacks were planned in the very near future for the airport and, apparently, for the subway as well.

Haartez also reported the shocking declaration by Ofir Akunis (member of the Likud and the Science, Technology and Space Minister of Israel) on the same day of the bombings. He drew a connection between the deadly attacks in Brussels and Europe’s frequent condemnations of Israeli policies (which he suggested diverted attention away from cracking down on Islamist terrorist cells!)

It is interesting to note that in London on February 29 – less than a month before the attack – there was a particularly huge terror drill involving a subway bomb.

The man carrying a fake baby (a doll) removed removed

The journalist and the basketball player

Ketevan Kardava is a journalist “special correspondant” from Georgia (the country near Russia, not the US state!) She says she has been living in Brussels for 8 years now. She declared she was in Paris during the attacks in November 2015… and also during the shooting in Oslo by a white racist in July 2011… 3 coincidences is a lot.

Her role at the airport event is the opportunistic journalist photographer who documents the event on Facebook. Her pictures are really “good”. A couple of them were published all over the world and made her famous. She says she was very near the bomb, maybe 30 feet away… but felt nothing… She says she “heard” the bomb and immediately started taking pictures. Listening to her different interviews carefully – what she says and the way she speaks – proves she is lying.

Another prominent character is basketball player Sebastien Bellin (born May 17, 1978)  who was injured and hospitalized. He is a Brazilian-Belgian professional player who was part of the Belgian national basketball team in his career. He made his last appearance in 2010. His says his hip exploded… and pieces of bones were sticking out. He was very far from the bomb though, comparing to the journalist who said she was a few feet away from the bomb… Looking at the pictures of him lying wounded on the floor of the airport and listening carefully to his hospital interviews exposes both of them.

This is a video about these 2 characters made by a YouTube user. His comments are funny and full of common sense:    removed

This is a more detailed demonstration that further proved these 2 people have lied. They are planted crisis actors who’s roles was to “promote” the event in the medias. It has been common practice for a long time in America and abroad: to make a real news look better. The problem in this particular case is that it implies (1) exact prior knowledge of the time and place of the event and a let happen strategy – this is a conspiracy – and (2) a will to enhance the impact of the event… and who would want to do that? This an important question. It serves the alleged terrorists (if they are real). It serves Israel’s agenda. It demonizes Muslims. It gives reality to the “War on Terror.” It justifies more security measures.    removed

UPDATE: many videos are being removed… people are claiming copyrights for the footage on behalf of news channels… very sad… this way of cleaning up the web on stupid copyright grounds is a further proof of cover up and false play…


Mormon missionary Mason Wells

Mason Wells has been exposed as a crisis actor. The evidence gathered is enough to prove it. He was traveling with 2 other fellows missionaries from Utah, Richard Norby and Joseph Empey. Mason first reported an injury to his leg. We see him later with his face wrapped at the hospital. Amazingly he was also at the Boston Marathon Bombing in 2013. A famous manipulated event full of crisis actors. He was there at the finish line where the bombs went off! And Mason Wells was also in France during the attacks of November 2015 (but a few hours away from Paris… he was not used for this event). That’s almost 3 coincidences.

A quick search on YouTube exposes a full gallery of other crisis actors.

Emily Eisenman and her dead boyfriend Bart Migom

Emily Eisenman (21-yo, born October 4 1994) is an American girl supposed to have lost her Belgian boyfriend called Bart Migom (also 21-yo, born December 6 1994). They met about 5 months earlier in the state of Georgia where she lives. They met on October 29 2015. She remembers the exact date. She said he came at the time to participate to one of the motivational “health and fitness” retreats she organizes with three of her brothers. She said Bart was friend with her brothers.

Emily and her boyfriend Bart
Emily and Bart

This is Emily’s Facebook account and this is her Instagram account with pictures going back to Nov 2012 when she had just turned 18-yo. We see her and her family evolving over 3 years. She loves her family, her brothers, her father, mother, grand-mother (almost 100-yo, she passed out in Dec 2015).

Emily’s grand-mother and Timothy one of Emily’s brothers in November 2012 (source)

This is her boyfriend Bart’s Facebook account. It is now frozen with a RIP message. He has family members and friends who seem to be real but they never appear in the media. His family is real. He has a brother Nathan (only one picture of him with Bart in Cologne, Germany) and a cousin Benjamin Migom who “liked” some of Bart’s posts and pictures… He posted the CNN link on his profile 2 days after the bombing. (In Emily’s Instagram account we can see more members of Bart’s Belgian-Flemish family who came to visiting her after the event.)

Bart also has real friends like Dieter Delbarge who created a Facebook event for his dead friend on March 25 (instead of letting Bart’s family do it for example). Dieter has a brother Ruben Delbarge who is also “going”. More than 500 people were “invited”. About 122 clicked they were “going”.   (Many people clicked “for support”. Very few knew Bart and actually attended.)

(Among the 122 people are the members of a “Vandamme” family… Gregn van Damme posted an old picture of Bart after the event and wrote a nice word saying he used to bike with him. Elouise Vandamme reacted as well with several posts and suggests she knew him. Brech Van Damme is another attendee. Jean-Marie Vandamme is older and could be the father of some of them. He posted an article about Bart and soon later, a very elaborate video – he seems to have made himself – about Jesus on his profile, showing a very mystical faith… Wendy Vandamme could be the mom.)

Bart Migom’s death was officially announced by Lode De Geyter, the director of Howest University, using Facebook. He said Bart’s parents informed him earlier in the morning. According to his message Bart has a family (parents, brothers and sisters) but they prefer to stay away from journalists and the general public. He mentions by name his cousin Benjamin (see above) and one brother called Levi. He said they are both presently students at the same university. This is the announcement:

One day earlier, another announcement was made stating that Bart’s family designated the university to represent them for any communication with the press and the general public. The message names two persons and gives their contact info for questions (Marie-Laure Paermentier[email protected] – 0477/81.01.75 – Aline Devoldere[email protected] – 0473/64.24.92). This is the annoucement:

On Bart’s Facebook profile, the oldest comment by a friend is from March 2011 and it is a link to a music video. This could be the date of creation of the profile, because it is impossible to edit the date of a comment on Facebook… unless one has a way to hack Facebook or special rights given by Facebook! The first picture of Bart with comments by a friend is from November 2012. We know that softwares do exist in the Intelligence Community that allow one employee to manage multiple fake profiles at the same time… Complex realistic fake profiles.

Bart’s Instagram account is worth checking out. The pictures really look flat – like sample pictures. The pictures of him and Emily do not look like selfies. They are taken by a 3rd person, from a point of view, like its a photo shoot. There is one video of him in his Instagram – a very short one where he works out. Check it out. Captions and comments are all in English (but on Facebook most comments by him and others are in Flemish/Dutch!)

Emily says she met him on October 29 2015. Five days later, on November 3, they are already pausing together officially as a couple. Not only they fell completely in love very fast but they immediately shared pictures publicly about it. With quotes from the Bible as captions… On November 28 they become officially “in a relationship” on Facebook.

Bart’s profile picture on Facebook

According to Emily’s first interview – on CNN – Bart was a Belgian national studying marketing at Howest University in Bruges, Belgium. He was living with his mother, two brothers and a sister. The day of the attack, he was on his way to come and see her in the US, in Athens, Georgia. Despite the time difference, he texted her to say he was taking the train to the airport. From his house it takes at least 2 hours by train to the airport. Emily said she checked to make sure the train arrived at the airport at 7:30 a.m. It had. His flight was scheduled to depart at 10:30 a.m. The bombs went off around 8:00 a.m. After 3 days of horrible suspense and multiple public calls to prayers (it took that long for the local authorities to confirm the list of victims!) he was confirmed dead on Friday march 25… Apparently a Belgian hospital notified his mother. Who in turn notified his university and Emily… The university made a public announcement on Facebook. His family never appeared on TV or in any other way until they showed up on Emily’s Instagram account months after the event.

Emily on CNN and picture of her with “Bart”

It is a good idea to google for Emily Eisenman’s interviews… and get familiar with her character. She smiles a lot but on some videos she is a pretty good actress. Cute and a very high on Jesus. She says she is very Christian. Her brothers are the same way. Very fanatical people who convert others. According to his Belgian family, “Bart” himself had converted to Christ recently under the influence of Emily and her brothers. This is another picture of Emily and “Bart”.

Emily and “Bart”

One of Emily’s brothers – Timothy Eisenman – is about 3 or 4 years older than she is. This is Timothy’s Facebook account. Many pictures and videos of Timothy are easily found online because of the business they all run together. His nickname is T-Mango. Emily calls him Timmy… Timothy and two of his brothers (Daniel and Nathanael) are the founders of a company called RawBrahs. Timothy is the guy in the middle on this page. Take the time to watch the videos and photos on his Facebook account.


Their company RawBrahs is on social media: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram… They are very active online because this is how they advertise. Their website is worth checking, in particular the videos. “Raw” is for raw food and the health tips they teach. And “Brahs” is for brothers… Brothers in life. Brothers in business. Also brothers in their special kind of Jewish Christian faith.

They present themselves as open minded and tolerant, calling for anyone to join and get the chance to convert to Jesus. They hold the Bible as the word of God. They believe sex is not good before marriage. Their business is really about life coaching, it is a money making youth motivational program, but at the same time it is a sort of born again Christian cult (the Eisenman’s are Zionist Jews who converted to Christ). They are not very honest. They advertise their business very aggressively a bit like a pyramid scam or like a creepy cult. They present themselves as if they were lost and ugly and then found spiritual light and physical beauty – and they want to share it with you. This video on Timothy’s Facebook account is amusing.

Timothy and his mother

The company organizes (expensive) motivational retreats to beautiful exotic places like Oregon, Costa Rica or Pacific Islands. They justify the fees saying people need to pay a high price to take their message seriously (an argument used by psychoanalysis and scientology). They target young people, people who are lonely or do not love themselves. They teach them self confidence through reading the Bible, faith in God and motivational psychology games and exercises… They promote a healthy diet, intense fitness exercises, dental and plastic surgery (they all have shinny perfect teeth). In their video ads, they keep showing off their bodies all the time. They use their appearance to attract clients. The idea seems to be “we can help you love yourself” through retreats in nature, fitness, health and Jesus Christ.

(Without being too paranoid, this is a perfect set up to recruit people who are emotionally fragile, help them “improve” their life, convert them to this special blend of Jewish Christianity… and then convince them to bring their friends in… and keep a long term relationship with some of them… The kind of relationship that could be useful for an Intelligence Agency who needs dedicated “crusaders.”)

It is not very complicated: Bart Migom – Emily’s the dead boyfriend – is a fabricated character based on pictures of Timothy Eisenman – Emily’s brother. The pictures have been photoshopped, but not so much. The teeth have been modified, and other details such as the eye color and the tone of his skin (Bart has t-shirt marks). The general features of the hair, face and body are the same. It is really striking.

When creating a fake character it is important to change the ears and the teeth. These are usually used to identify an individual. The smile of Bart is called a gummy smile. The people who created Bart gave him this “gummy smile”. Maybe Bart’s smile is based on old picture of Timothy before surgery?  (We know for sure one of the brothers had jaw surgery. He shows himself on a video before and after.) Old photos of Timothy young are hard to find. It seems he has been removing them. Maybe because he used to look a lot like Bart? This is just speculation.

Let us look one more time at that picture of Timothy 3 years ago…


It is important to be aware of what Photoshop and other similar software specialized in photo and video edition can do today. There are many tutorials online, about how to make caricatures, how to replace or transform a face, change the color of the skin and so on. What is possible on a photo is also possible on a movie. Few people are aware of this.

This is an example in the mainstream media of how easy it is to change a face. This is an interview of the lover of the alleged killer of the Orlando Shooting (June 2016). They changed his voice and his face (allegedly to protect his identity).

These are a couple of video by a YouTube user who makes the argument pretty well: removed removed

This video speculates a lot… but makes some good points:

UPDATE… On May 16 2016, almost 2 months after the tragedy, and obviously as a direct response to the rumors on Social Media that have been growing, Emily released a new video of herself with Bart on her Instagram account. And then a second video… They are in black and white. Selfie videos in a car where they sing pops song together and kiss in the end… It is well made!… Such a fake video should make people pause and meditate on how deep the deception goes… since 9/11… and how technology is being used in these operations. It is almost impossible to tell the real from the unreal!

This method of faking terror events has become an industry like a little Hollywood. It improves and involved more people and more skills. It involves managing databases of crisis actors… some of them amputees. It involves farming fake online ID’s using different social networks. (We know from other sources that the NSA maintains offices with employee responsible for managing fake profiles, for surveillance purposes.)

They borrow all sorts of props from the movie industry to blend fiction with reality – to enhance reality – in ways that are becoming better and better. If the job is perfectly done, it is impossible to make the difference between reality and fiction. Therefore in this world, all images and videos are systematically suspicious. They cannot be used (alone) as a legal or a scientifically reliable proof. The contemporary detective or the historian has to take that into account and proceed accordingly. We live in a hyperreality.

The internet is full of videos exposing other crisis actors. (Update: But many have been removed since then!)

What can we say about the Brussels Bombings?

Whether Bart is real or not real is not important to prove our point: the use of many crisis actors in the Brussels event is undeniable. And the reality of some of the victims seems to be undeniable either. It is very likely some people really died. It is possible the bomb in the subway was real, and maybe one of the two bombs in the airport as well. Therefore the Brussels event could very well be a “hybrid” event.

We can certify much more than prior knowledge. The even seems to have been fabricated.

The picture of the three alleged terrorists that was released by the police on the same day is very suspicious. Two of them are believed to be the suicide bombers because they are both wearing one glove on their left hand – allegedly to hide the detonators. The third guy on the right would be their handler. According to the official media this handler left the scene. Critics have argued with very good arguments this picture was photoshopped: the gloves have been added.

The terrorists took a cab to the airport (the driver testified) and because the car was too small, the driver reported they changed their mind at the last minute and decided not to take all their suit cases (the bombs) and agreed to leave some of them at home… The bombs left were later said to have been found by the police who raided their place. For such a serious “suicide” attack, it is hard to believe the guys left the extra suit cases. They could have ordered a second cab.

We know the two bombs at the airport blew up at about 3 seconds from each other. We also know that a big area was closed for repairs inside the airport right between the two explosions. (The perfect set up to prepare the event.) According to many witnesses – if we want to believe them – the bombs were not exactly where they are in the official story. Some witnesses and researchers have argued at least one of the two explosion came from the ceiling and was directed towards the ground.

In the end, we are left with a lot of traces of manipulation. The most “in your face” being the presence of key people who were at other (similarly manipulated) terror events. The Brussels bombings were most likely another false flag operation – in a long list – operated by the same network that was involved in the Boston Marathon in 2013 and in Paris in November 2015. And probably in other events as well…

The presence of Ketevan Kardava at the Norway 2011 attacks executed by Anders Behring Breivik forces us to suspect this “lone wolf” event also is a manipulated operation. This is very alarming. (Most white terror events seem to be as manipulated as the Islamic ones.)

The hints all converge towards a right wing Christian Zionist network, operating very similarly to operation GLADIO during the Cold War. The paranoid “American War Machine” needs an enemy at all cost. Only this time the enemy is more manipulated, more artificial, more fictive that during the Cold War. Not entirely fictive though. It has one or two layers of reality. Sometimes some of the terrorists are real. And sometimes people die.

These wars and terror events are part of the bigger script of the “War on Terror” started in the 1990’s, and particularly after September 11 2001. In this script all sides are “farmed.” The dark side – the radical Muslim cult – is the result of a long term social engineering operation. Same for the white side when it involves Jewish Christian millennialist cults like this one. This is reality. This is hyperreality.

Someone said: “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.” His name was Lenin but it doesn’t matter. It could have been anyone.

The Art and Science of Psyops

Psyops, or psychological warfare, or false flag terror attacks… have developed into an art and a science. In the past these methods were used with moderation as catalyzing elements in a real war. Today they became the main thing. A type of warfare perfected during the Cold War and involving mostly non-military skills. It forms a new breed of soldiers. It employs and trains thousands of people from the civil society. In the US, there are university programs specialized in Psyops.

It is a documented fact that terrorism is one of Israel’s speciality. The occupying regime has learned how to use terror as a weapon towards a long term strategy of permanent crisis that facilitates the continuation of its colonial agenda. For the past 20 years (since the murder of Rabin in 1995) this strategy is driven by the Israeli far right government and influences various neoconservative think tanks in different countries. This strategy is applied by the intelligence agencies and private security contractors who are organizing these acts of terror and who seem to act very autonomously – outside of the regular chains of command.

The Israeli Likud ideology not only is driving Israel deeper and deeper into fascism, but it also acts as the main adviser for the US and their allies. They are considered by many Western countries as the most reliable source of information about the Middle-East! So they are asked to plan everything for the West according to their psychotic point of view. Terrorism generate the fear needed to acquire sympathy and better credit despite the colonial activities and the repeated war crimes condemned by the International community. The message is clear: the population of the Middle East – painted as crazy radical Muslims – are a barbaric and totalitarian danger to the World… and Israel – the Likud of Israel – is not the problem, it is the solution.

Today Israel is exporting its “security technology” everywhere starting with the US and Europe. The focus is on domestic urban warfare. On the militarization of everyday life. Replacing the good old policeman by robocop soldiers. McLuhan said “the medium is the message.” Israel is selling its weapons as well as its neurotic ideology.

Is America an Empire trying to stay an Empire desperately – by any means? Even if it implies tyranny? Is religion and are religious people used as a tool by Empires? Was the USSR using Communism as a state religion for Russian Imperialism? Was it the same during the crusades in the Middle-Ages? Or on the contrary are crusades and holy wars genuinely faith driven? After all, Prohibition in the US and the World Wide War on Drugs was started by groups of Christian Puritans. This Zionist crusade project is obviously the extreme outcome of a western (Jewish and Christian) millennial and messianic ideology. The religious trend mirrors the more elegant philosophy or ideology of people like Bernard Lewis, Francis Fukuyama and Samuel Huntington… It has to do with the End of Times. It pretends to be rational, political, historical… but it is not. It is theo-political. It is eschatological in nature. It is about playing God by accelerating what they call history. (A bit like the Nazis played God by accelerating what they called natural selection.)

What is clear is that the neurotic and paranoid American War Machine needs an enemy to thrive, or so it believes. For the moment, it is buying the Clash of Civilizations script: the Zionist crusade versus “Islam.” Once they are done with it, they will have to invent something else. If they run out of candidates on Earth, they might dive one step deeper into insanity and develop a menace from outer space. Why not?

Update – January 24, 2018

It was reported (almost 2 years later) that families of the victims officially presented complaints. They say the government and insurances are not treating them well… They say they are facing a wall that is inhuman and condescending. Why aren’t they treated properly? Does this means the authorities are not treating this tragic terrorist attack seriously? Do they have reasons not to take this event seriously? 


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