Gone Girl, the movie

I think the movie Gone Girl by David Finsher (who also directed Fight Club and Panic Room) is a very interesting allegory of what happened to America on 9/11. It shows a certain majority (the naive American man played by Ben Affleck) while it is being manipulated by a minority (the American psycho wife as an image of the Bush admin and the network behind 9/11) who uses secrecy, deception and violence… and gets away with it.

Interestingly Ben Affleck, the main actor, is a profound idiot in real life. He represents the archetype of the patriotic naive American “soldier” who gets easily duped by salesmen and conmen… In the end of the movie his character buys the cover up… Despite the crime being as insane as it is.

Affleck directed the film Argo in 2012. This was the official US propaganda about the CIA’s failed political manipulations in Iran and its dramatic consequences at the time.

He also played in the film Pearl Harbor in 2001. Interestingly the film Pearl Harbor was out on May 25 2001… just a few months before 9/11… and the DVD was released and heavily advertised in December 2001.

One could legitimately suspect people like Ben Affleck of being some kinds of US government assets (whether they are fully aware of it or not).

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