The Beheading of a Teacher in France – 2020

On 16 October 2020, Samuel Paty, a French secondary school teacher, was killed and beheaded in Éragny-sur-Oise, a suburb of Paris, France, by an Islamist terrorist. The event has a page on Wikipedia. This one has not been studied a lot by the usual independant investigators because it comes in a long list of (boring) similar Israeli fabricated events. Let us try to look at this horrible story a little bit closer.


It starts with a 47 y.o. French school teacher near Paris. One 13 y.o. teenager is not attending classes and to justify this to her muslim father she pretends the teacher is spreading hate speech against islam such as showing caricatures of the prophet and drawings of the prophet naked… She later admitted she was not even there and so did not witness any of what she reported.

Her father (Brahim Chnina) believed her and started a campaign against the professor. He alerted Islamic associations about the hate propaganda speaded by the French professor. People reacted. It became a big wave of protests on social media. The school was flooded with mail. They received visits of representents of Islamic associations who came to compain about the professsor.


A 18 y.o. techechen who imigrated to France when he was 6 is the killer. Abdulak Anzorov lived somewhere far and knew nothing of this school. He supposedly heard about the story and decided to kill the teacher.

He waited for the professor outside, asked students to point at him and stabbed him many times before beheading him with a butcher’s knife. Then he just sat around the crime scene. He supposedly flimed everything and uploaded it on the internet. Including a tweet. When the police came he pulled out his toy air gun and pretended to shoot. He was supposedly shot dead with 9 bullets.


We can list many elements reminding us of past false-flag terror events most of them organized by Israel and elements in the local governement of the country.

Let us make a list:

  • The event was advertised and promoted by SITE (the infamous Israeli agency managed by Rita Katz) that dealt with most fabricated events attributed to Islamic groups such as Daesh. These groups are known to be founded and managed by NATO and Israeli secret services.
  • Peter Rehov, an Israeli extremist, has deleted his tweet 24 hours after where he wrote he “received the picture” of the head. This reminds of infamous picture of the Bataclan event in Paris (2015) that appeared very soon and from very questionable Israeli sources.
  • The head in the picture did not look like the victim and it had a COVID mask still on… Which is ridiculous and makes it very suspect. It could very well be a fake head. We have seen fake bodies (movie props) used on other events. The fact that is was so badly done explains why it was so quickly removed! Falsly pretending the reason for censorship is: too horrible to see.
  • The killer is strange. Very young. He could be “organic” but could also be acting or “mind controlled”. It is hard to tell. With a profile very similar to the security guard of the night-club event in Orlando Florida (June 2016). Or to the one who did the truck attack in Nice France (July 2016) who used fake guns. These 2 where paid actors. But we also have examples of events with real killers – not actors – manipulated and executed in the event, so it is hard to tell here.
  • He had to be very strong: his victim is 47 and he is 18. The damage we are told he did with his knife is wild and extreme. It is over dramatic: multiple stabbing + beheading, adding more horror as to better advertize his action. (It sounds scripted like the infamous beheading movies of people in orange suits in the desert. We know these movies were made indoors in a studio. Also advertized by Israel through SITE.)
  • The mosk that started the campaing against the professor has very proven links to Israel.
  • For information, a journalist wrote a book (in French) about the event trying to gather as many info as he could. He did not investigate the fabricated elements. This is an interview of him.
  • This event might have been organized to “advertize” the Charlie Hebdo topic. On September 2, 2020 (a month earlier) a trial began in France of 14 alleged accomplices in the January 2015 attack on the offices of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo and a kosher grocery store. We know this is a highly fabricated event (with actors mixed with real entrapped terrorists). It was designed as the French 9/11. It was based on the right of free speech against all religions (in fact more specifically the right of free hate speech against Islam).

It is clear this event was highly monirtored, engeneered and fabricated. But it is hard to conclude about what is purely played and what is real in this very short and quite simple drama. Was it real blood or hollywood props? Most of the terror events from 2015-2017 were played like movies with actors and fake blood… so maybe both the victim and the killer were offered a deal… and a new identity. We have seen this before. But in other cases we have also seen small pieces of blood or hard “reality”… such as when “real” islamic terrorists are entrapped and killed inside an event.

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