List of assassinations related to 9/11

Many key witnesses of the attacks of 9/11 were murdered by the US government. The list below is a draft… It is far from complete.

2001 – Hiroshi Hasegawa… a Japanese journalist and political analyst… who supposedly jumped out of a window… He was the first one to suggest Israel was involved in 9/11…  (More details on this blog in this article.)

2007 – Paul Smith – hit by a taxi/cab – he was the pilot of the helicopter for the News channel ABC who recorded the second crash on 9/11 (North Tower)

2008 – Berry Jennings – suicided – he was the medical emergency coordinator on 9/11 – he reported a huge explosion in building WTC7 before it came down.

2008-9 – Kenneth Johannemann – suicided by gun – concierge at WTC – he was a key witness reporting explosions in the elevator in one of the towers.

2008-10-11 – Jorg Haider – car crash (allegedly drunk) – he had in his possession explosive information about connexion related to the stock exchange and money transactions…

2009-2-12 – Beverly Eckert – died in a plane crash – she lost her husband on 9/11 and was involved in a law suit against the US government…

2009-4-28 –  Michael H. Doran – he was a lawyer offering his services for free to the victims and their families – he died in the crash of a small single engine plane

2010-6-25 – Franz Kröll – suicided – chief investigator – publicly criticized the government investigation of 9/11

2011-7-16 – Dany Jowenko – car crash alone  –  an expert in controlled demolition who said  building WTC7 was brought down by controlled demolition…

2013-10-11 – chief policeman Manfred Dörfer (the circumstance around his death are officially classified!)

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