9/11: The Prophecies of William Cooper (murdered in Nov. 2001)

Milton William Cooper “predicted” 9/11 about 3 months before it happened. On June 28 2001, he said:

“Whatever they’re going to blame on Usama bin Laden – don’t you believe it…They will soon do something outlandish to gain the support of the Sheeple.”

It was in his June 2001 show. Towards the end of the show he also predicts civil war in the US… to regain constitutional rights, triggered by the state attempting to take away the people’s guns. He was killed 5 months after this. He was refusing to pay taxes and resisted arrest. They attacked his house, he shot back and he was killed.

Cooper is a very early “conspiracy theorist”. He is very paranoid. He spoke and wrote about Illuminatis, Aliens and “super-conspirations” to take over the world… He is very pro-gun and very much anti-government. Whatever one might say about how radical or crazy he might be, his words about Ossama Ben Laden back in June 2001, cannot be ignored and are literally prophetic.

Three months before it happened, he clearly alluded to a major false flag terrorist event coming soon in the USA… and that the government will use OBL as their patsy for this… He was very articulate and extremely serious about it… He was shot by the US in his house while defending himself and shooting back at the cops who came to get him in November 2001. Allegedly because he was not paying his taxes.

His main issue was about freedom in the US. He kept repeating that the secret plan is to create and use anything in order to reduce freedom, remove people’s guns and install a militarized worldwide socialist totalitarian dictatorship.

* William Cooper predicted 9/11 in June 2001

* Alex Jones exposed by Milton William Cooper

* William Cooper – 9/11 as it happened Hour 1


Will Cooper was not the only one. Anyone with knowledge of who really was OBL and how the US Intelligence works had the same view more or less. On September 29 2001, Arundhati Roy wrote a good article in the Guardian.

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